California is known for the beachessurfingHollywoodDisneyland, and wine, as well as its large economy and progressive politics. California is arguably the most famous state in America and millions of tourists travel there every year for the nightlifescenery, and sunshine. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, these are the best interior designers in California. Stay tuned!



#26 – CDC Designs

The Best Interior Designers In California - PART II

With more than 35 years of successfully partnering with home builders, developers, and architects in the industry, CDC Designs offers a vast knowledge of the field. They believe in creating, sharing, and inspiring in their designs and in their company culture. Take a look around. They welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation about CDC Designs with you.

#27 – Cecilie Starin Design

The Best Interior Designers In California - PART II

Cecilie Starin Design is an interior design company run by Cecilie Starin in Tiburon. The company primarily serves high-end residential clients in San Francisco, Napa, Marin County, and the Peninsula but will also serve customers in other parts of California. Cecilie has extensive fine arts, fashion design, and decor experience.

#28 – Charles de Lisle

The Best Interior Designers In California - PART II

The circumstances of Charles de Lisle’s childhood help explain his creative tendencies. Charles grew up in rural Massachusetts; he spent time exploring factories near his father’s woodworking shop where he collected scraps, bits of industrial products, images, and thoughts. After studying ceramics, Charles moved to California, where he learned how to weld and began fabricating lighting fixtures. Charles started his own office in 2008; a design collective focused on custom fabricated furniture, lighting, decorative arts, interior projects, and landscape projects. Surely one of the best interior designers in California.

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#29 – Christopher Kennedy

The Best Interior Designers In California - PART II

Christopher Kennedy seeks to create interiors that can be inspiring for their clients in order to elevate them, helping them to seize the day and enjoy everything around them. For this top interior designer, all the things we do at home are important, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. For that reason, his absolute goal is to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Born in San Francisco and raised on California’s Central Coast, Christopher Kennedy blends perfectly the big-city style with a relaxed resort living on his projects.

#30 – Claudia Afshar

Claudia Afshar needs no introduction. The designer and founder/CEO of Claudia Afshar Design Studio has been making waves in the design industry due to her incredible fresh, sophisticated, and functional residential design projects. You may have seen her work featured in some of the most distinguished design magazines such as Vogue, Elle Decor, Rue Magazine, and many others.

#31 – Clements Design

Kathleen, who works alongside her son Tommy at Clements Design, doesn’t generally discuss her celebrity clientele. However, her work on the homes of actors Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux as well as the lovely mansion shared by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia DeRossi is common knowledge. Clements Design is known for its gallery-like Nature-inspired interiors filled with judiciously chosen rustic antiques so spare in their lines that they function almost as sculptures.

#32 – Cliff Fong

Cliff Fong was born in New York and has had a diverse upbringing, living in many countries around the world. He has been a part of Los Angeles’ fertile design community for two decades as an interior designer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. As an interior designer, Cliff creates unique, personal, and often unexpected environments, drawing from various inspirations. His work is largely residential but also includes notable commercial spaces such as Michael Voltaggio’s Ink restaurant.

#33 – CO Architects

CO Architects focuses on large and complex institutional, civic, academic, health sciences education, science & technology, and healthcare projects. From its inception in 1986, CO Architects’ employees have shared the singular goal of creating lasting impact through design for both the communities our buildings transform and the people who use them every day to provide critical services and expand the frontiers of knowledge.

#34 – Commune Design

As the name implies, Commune Design is a Los Angeles-based design studio that values the strength of the collective mind, believing that authentic creativity and innovation come from collaboration. The actual merit of their work comes from their collaborations with their clients as well as with other members of the community. This is a studio with a reputation for holistic work across the fields of architecture, product, graphic and interior design.

#35 – Danny Wang Design

Danny Wang is an Orange County-based full-service design firm that offers both interior and exterior expertise. With a matchless ability to merge interior elements with the exterior landscape, the team approaches every project with the entire house in their minds providing a unified look to the whole space. They have seen their exterior projects distinguished with landscape masterpieces. This company is made of a world-class designers team that seeks to transform every outdoor space with a combination of sustainable plant material and creative hardscape design. For the interiors, the inspiration comes from fine arts.

#36 – David Dalton Inc

David Dalton brings more than thirty years of experience in design, architecture, set decoration, and construction to the process of creating unique and exclusive interiors.

#37 – David Netto

David grew up surrounded by taste and people talking about design, in the Upper East Side – New York, and he was interested in architecture, furniture and cars from an early age. Now, David is a well-respected top interior designer working out of Los Angeles, spending half of his time writing (books and a column for Town & Country). In his projects, David Netto tries to give modernism a touch of warmth and personality and grants to traditionalism young energy with a dash of exotic. One of the best interior designers in California.

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#38 – Demitri Christian Interior Design

Los Angeles-based designer Demitri Sgourakis works globally and is best known for his modern approach to eclectic interiors. His eye for fashion-forward style combined with his deep knowledge and appreciation for the historical roots of design resulted in fresh yet classic creations. Demitri Christian Interior Design is a great option if you enjoy good surprises.

#39 – Design Focus

Located in the beautiful coastal community of San Clemente, Design Focus provides timeless design, peerless elegance and an exemplary fusion between the luxurious and comfortable lifestyle that West Coast is known for. The design team uses “well building” principles to offer an environment that embraces healthy air, organic, renewable materials, acoustic awareness, comfortable flexible lighting, easy-care products, and as seamless a connection to the surrounding outdoor beauty as possible.

#40 – Disc Interiors

Restrained and understated, David John Dick and Krista Schrock layer the colors of the California desert into livable spaces like the Silver Lake home Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis just picked up for $3.5 million. “So many rooms are beautiful in photos, but they’re not rooms you want to live in,” says Dick. Adds Schrock, “‘Warm’ and ‘calm’ are words we hear a lot from our clients,” including Innerscope Records head of A&R Sam Riback, director and screenwriter Leigh Janiak, producer Greg Jacobs and SNL‘s former co-head writer Chris Kelly, among others. Disc Interiors is one of the best.

#41 – Duffek Design

Deana Duffek, the owner and principal designer of Duffek Design is known for her high integrity, keen attention to detail and ardent commitment to quality. Beginning her career in interior design 25+ years ago, Deana found her passion for design early in life and has spent her entire career immersed in the interior design and product development arenas. With both a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Architecture & Design and a Masters of Fine Art in Organizational Leadership, Deana brings a disciplined approach and creative leadership to each project she and her team embark on.

#42 – Eric Hughes

According to Elle Decor, Eric Hughes, who walked away from his position as vice president of production at Universal Studios and never looked back, is now the interior designer to the stars. And yes, his portfolio is made of Hollywood stardust, having projects for Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick, Hank Azaria, and, more recently, an edgy Manhattan apartment for the talk show host Andy Cohen. Always on the run between New York and Los Angeles – where this top interior designer has offices -, Eric compares designing interiors to producing a movie, saying that “you envision the big picture, then the details, as does a producer. I’m just producing a different kind of picture.”.

#43 – Erica Breyen Design

In between cool and casual sophistication and exquisite formal expressions, Erica Bryen Design has the necessary qualities and design expertise to exceed the needs of its exclusive clients. Erica Bryen, the Owner and Head Designer, is inspired by her extensive travels, historical influences and her passion for fashion. Fearless of the fusion, this top interior designer has a natural talent to combine styles, design custom furniture and create distinctive and one-of-a-kind spaces.

#44 – ETC.etera

Founded in 2016 by interior designer Sally Breer and stylist/creative director Jake Rodehuth-Harrison, ETC.etera is an interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California. With a focus on residential and hospitality projects, they aim to design spaces that go beyond trend and that are as easy on the soul as they are on the eyes.

#45 – Fiona Lau Interiors

Upon completing her Architecture and Interior Design program at UCLA, Fiona Lau’s passion for interior design grew stronger than ever. During the program, she was selected as the winner of the James R. Northcutt Scholarship award. Before starting the company, she worked at a residential development company as a designer, which broadened her view of construction. She gains her inspiration from many platforms such as books, magazines, the internet, shops and people around her. She enjoys sharing views with others, being open-minded, and bouncing ideas back and forth between different people.

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#46 – Forrest Perkins CA

Forrest Perkins is a distinct design studio of Perkins Eastman, a global architecture firm working out of 15 interdisciplinary offices around the world. The firm believes that design has a direct, positive impact on people’s lives.

#47 – Frank Berry Designs

Frank Berry Designs is a full-service design development firm based in Orange County, California. As international specialists in custom commercial and residential design with an extensive industry background, they offer a strong design aesthetic and invaluable insight into the building process. They align interests with those of their clients to develop a creative vision and strategic plan that translates into an unparalleled living environment.

#48 – Gensler Newport Beach

Gensler’s Newport Beach office fuses elements of the modern beach house and the Pacific outdoors to provide a rich variety of work settings, with a residential feel. Based on Gensler’s extensive workplace research, the daylight-filled office incorporates all four work modes – focus, collaboration, learning and socialization – to create an energetic, next-generation workspace. A design innovation lab, circular resource library, public gallery and café and informal meeting spaces foster inspiration and collaboration.

#49 – Gensler San Francisco

In a time of transformation, design can play a unique and profound role, and Gensler San Francisco continues to cultivate a culture of design innovation to promote diverse thinking. To meet new expectations, they are pushing the boundaries of architecture, design, and technology by integrating physical and digital design to create fresh, connected experiences. They’re also unlocking data-driven insights and new design tools and discovering hybrid ways to collaborate and unleash innovative design solutions.

#50 – Gensler Los Angeles

“Leveraging the power of design to create a better world”Gensler‘s motto takes design to another level. This global team is reimagining the future of cities believing the world is definitively changing and that change is for the best. One community, united by the commitment to holistically improve the human experience. Naturally optimistic, this company wants to use the power of design to spark positivity and create a future that promotes equity, resilience, and wellbeing for everyone.




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