California is known for the beachessurfingHollywoodDisneyland, and wine, as well as its large economy and progressive politics. California is arguably the most famous state in America and millions of tourists travel there every year for the nightlifescenery, and sunshine. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, these are the Best Interior Designers in California. Stay tuned!

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#76 – Johnston Marklee


The Los Angeles-based architecture practice Johnston Marklee is a partnership between Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee who also creates magnificent interiors. Unlike previous generations who had a signature style, this duo wants to escape that. At first sight, their buildings may seem subdued. However, when you go inside you’ll find structures that unfold like origami. Their unique style and space concept put this L.A. firm in increasing demand in the midst of cultural institutions in the United States.

#77 – Julie Rootes


As a Texas native living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Julie Rootes creates interior designs that combine southern traditional and modern Californian elements. From small room refreshes to gut renovations, the interior decorators at the firm have designed beautiful interiors all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including Napa Valley and San Francisco proper.

#78 – Just LED + Lights

Just LED + Lights offers lighting directly from the source in order to avoid unnecessary costs before it reaches the final user. This firm works directly with manufacturers to guarantee quality, reliability, and performance. They also provide design services through their affiliate company ILLUM Lighting Design, which offers full-service lighting design and consulting for commercial, residential, and hospitality projects of all sizes.

#79 – Jute Home


With an emphasis on natural materials and contemporary design contours, Ali Davin, the firm’s principal, is a 15-year veteran of the interior design industry. From ranches in Healdsburg to studios on Union Street, to family homes in Marin, her designs reflect a diversity of styles and locations, making her one of the best interior designers to consider. With Jute Home, you can expect a cozy sense of casual elegance while offering alternative affordable interior design in San Francisco.

#80 – Karamia Designs

​​For Karina Rizzo, the excitement of interior design revolves around both the idea and the phenomenon of experiencing that idea. The biggest pleasure lies in seeing it in the eyes of her clients: the joy of the long-awaited, desired space. Her career in interior design started 15 years ago and Karamia Design Group was born. Extensive education in business, environmental science, fine art, and interior design has certainly come in handy for this amazing venture. Her design concept always entails ergonomics, balance, scale, and defined style.

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#81 – Kari Whitman Interiors

Clients including Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen, Emilio Estevez, and Don Henley have flocked to her high-end interior design firm for her trademark eclectic style and knowledge of eco-friendly and pet-friendly design. Kari founded KWI – Kari Whitman Interiors – in 1994 as a design-build firm specializing in high-end residential interior design. Kari’s expertise also extends into commercial interior design, and projects range from condominiums to estate homes, and boutique hotels to large-scale residential developments.

#82 – Kathryn Ireland


England native, raised in London and Scotland, Kathryn Ireland arrived in Los Angeles in 1986. Before starting her career in the design business, Kathryn was an actress, clothing designer, and filmmaker. Today she is considered one of the most influential interior and textile designers in the world. Undoubtedly, Kathryn was always a woman of the arts! One of the best interior designers in California, indeed!

#83 – Kelly Hohla Interiors

Function, form, and beauty. Kelly Hohla Interiors works with its clients to develop a home that reflects who they are and how they live. Their principal, Kelly, has over 18 years of experience with successful high-end residential projects and happy clients in San Francisco, Sonoma, Tahoe, Montana, Wyoming, Seattle, New York, Hawaii, and beyond. Through travel, experience, and education Kelly has developed a love for many forms of design ranging from contemporary eclectic mixes, to classic architecture with fresh updates.

#84 – Kelly Wearstler

Since its establishment in 1994, Kelly Wearstler’s interior design company has blossomed to include clothing, jewelry, and home collections. Described as a “branding virtuoso” by Architectural Digest, her vibrant interiors and lifestyle boutique make her a leading name in modern American design. The multi-talented author and fashionista have been featured both on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list and Vogue‘s Best Dressed list. Her famous clients include the ever so stylish Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz.

#85 – Ken Fulk

Ken Fulk is a design impresario and a creator of experiences large and small. He is renowned for his layered interiors, high-concept brand identities, and unforgettable parties. The Virginia-born designer has spent the last 25 years developing a business by elevating the daily lives of his clients, not only designing their homes, jets, restaurants, and hotels but also creative directing birthdays, weddings, dinners, anniversaries, and family getaways.

#86 – Kerry Joyce Associates

Celebrated for their interiors and architecture, Los Angeles-based firm Kerry Joyce Associates embodies a passion for timeless design and flawless execution. Led by one of the country’s most celebrated designers, Kerry Joyce, the firm’s various projects have received notable acclaim and articulate a unique and unparalleled design sense, seamlessly marrying fine materials, clean lines, and sophisticated textures, emboldened by a touch of glamour. The work of Kerry Joyce Associates spans a variety of aesthetics – always imaginative, refined, and exquisite.

#87 – KHA Architects

This team defends architecture should be creative, inspiring, optimistic, and about what’s possible. KHA Architects is a full-service architecture and interior design firm that specializes in residential design. Very well known for its ability to create visually arresting, inviting, and supremely comfortable residences, their valued clients say the firm honors and incorporates their most deeply-held idea of home — in a way they never could have imagined — into their design.

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#88 – Kim Gordon

A mixed-media artisan and longtime resident of Venice Beach, Kim Gordon showcases steel-framed floor-to-ceiling windows, hand-troweled walls, and open floor plans that transform sand shacks into buoyant indoor-outdoor abodes. Says Gordon, who has worked with long-established interior designers Madeline Stuart and Kerry Joyce, “a lot of my aesthetic came from my wondering”. One of the best interior designers in California.

#89 – Kishani Perera

Known for her unique vision, innovative approach, and die-hard work ethic, Kishani Perera counts on an infinity of resources to transform beautiful spaces that have apparently evolved over decades rather than months. This natural talent to combine the reclaimed with refined, the ordinary with ornamental, has fascinated a number of people from celebrities to pop stars. A top interior designer with a cosmopolitan flair and passion for bygone eras is always a presence when creating homes that are both chic and livable.

#90 – Kristin Collins Interior Design

Kristin Collins Interior Design is a full-service residential design firm that helps you with everything from concept development and furniture selection to shipping and installation. They work with architects and builders, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, shippers, movers, and every kind of installer imaginable. They rely on 10 years of experience to make sure your home design is delivered with the best budget, unique, accurate, and convenient.

#91 – LBM Interiors

LMB Interiors is a top interior design firm offering award-winning interior design services for historic and modern homes (Tudor, Mediterranean, Eichler, Mid-century Modern, California Ranch-style, and more) as well as condominiums, home offices, high-end restaurants, and commercial spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

#92 – Lindroth Design

Growing up in Palm Beach in the 1970s, Amanda experienced Florida at its most magical. The style, the architecture, the climate – it would all imprint on her, taking root and blossoming throughout the years. Through her 20s, Amanda worked at WWD and W magazine, as well as PR for Gucci and other luxury brands in New York, Paris, and London. In her 30s, she moved to Nassau full-time and applied her design eye to her own home, then to properties associated with her husband’s development company, and eventually to friends who became clients (and, of course, clients who became friends). Throughout her work at Lindroth Design, she kept the focus on breezy sophistication and vibrant layers of texture and color – the hallmarks of inviting spaces to host family and friends.

#93 – Little Crown Interiors

Naomi Alon Coe is the founder of Little Crown Interiors and author of the nursery design book Your Perfect Nursery. She founded Little Crown Interiors in 2008, focusing her design studio on nurseries and child spaces after seeing this specialized skill missing from other firms. Bringing together beauty, functionality, and safety, Naomi believes in creating spaces for her clients that are unique, intentional, and curated.

#94 – LM Design Group

LM Design Group is a full-service luxury architecture and interior design firm, founded by the partners Leonid Minkovski – CEO And Design Director – and Linda Marlin – Interior Designer -, who brings a unique wealth of experience and magisterial quality to their projects. The design group is made up of hundreds of manufacturers and works closely with skilled master craftsmen and talented artists, all of which create authentic and high-end custom designs. The company portfolio includes luxury commercial properties, large palatial homes, and historical properties.

#95 – Lynda Murray Interior Design

Lynda was born and has always lived in the city of dreams – Los Angeles – always surrounded by creativity and talent. She enjoyed selecting fabrics for her bedding, covering her walls with artwork and she used to change frequently her furniture. As a result, Lynda Murray became a renowned interior designer. Murray‘s clients always make her think outside the box. A challenge this top interior designer accomplishes with success since she is used to working with a special concern of her clientele’s taste and needs, so it turns possible to create a space that they can feel as their sanctuary.

#96 – M. Designs Architects

M. Designs Architects is a Palo Alto, California-based International architecture, planning, and interior design firm specializing in sustainable, residential design as well as commercial and industrial projects. They have more than 47 years of management experience in all aspects of designing, documentation, and construction support, as well as an extensive background in construction and cost estimating for architectural projects.

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#97 – Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart is a leading member of the Los Angeles design community. Original, personal, and beautiful, as we can read on her website, are the words that better describe Madeline’s projects. With a timeless design and respect for architecture and site, Stuart’s firm seeks to create an atmosphere that exudes comfort, harmony, and lack of pretense. Most of her work is dedicated to the entertainment industry and the world of business and finance.

#98 – Maine Design

A husband-and-wife duo whose passion is curating antiques with contemporary works. Maine Design possesses a huge understanding of design history as well as they keep intimate relationships with the best workrooms and artisans from all over the world. Beyond their expertise in innovative design, this duo of top interior designers brings vast technical knowledge to their work. They treat each project as unique, embracing the architecture and location of the property likewise the client’s needs.

#99 – Marbé Designs, Inc

Here’s a studio that strives with passion and devotion to transform any space into something unique, creating an environment where their clients can feel comfortable experiencing the beauty of art. Marbé Designs, Inc. is an award-winning, full-service architectural interior design studio based in Los Angeles, California. It specializes in high-end residential and commercial sectors across the country and overseas, with an eccentric knowledge of creating refined and authentic designs.

#100 – Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Over the past 30 years, the Marc-Michaels Interior Design team has scoured the globe for countless resources that enable us to provide a variety of luxury interior design services to their clients in projects with diverse scopes and budgets. The size of the firm, the magnitude of their international interior design projects, and long-standing relationships with vendors in managing the selection, purchasing, and coordinated installation of residential, contract, and hospitality interiors, are unmatched.



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