California is known for the beachessurfingHollywoodDisneyland, and wine, as well as its large economy and progressive politics. California is arguably the most famous state in America and millions of tourists travel there every year for the nightlifescenery, and sunshine. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, these are the best interior designers in California. Stay tuned!

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The Best Interior Designers In California - PART I

22 Interiors is a full-service, award-winning Interior Design Agency with Residential and Commercial projects throughout the United States. An agency that strives for function, flow, and beauty in every room, taking advantage of years of experience in the design and management process. Their goal is to create spaces that feel good, look good, and ultimately make a positive difference in their customers’ lives.


The Best Interior Designers In California - PART I

Owner Carolyn Simmons has over 30 years of experience in interior design and remodels. In 2011 she decided it was time to open her own business after moving to the gorgeous Santa Rosa Beach area. 30A Interiors is a multiple-award design firm specializing in whole house projects, located along the well-known corridor of Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Carolyn Simmons and members of her team have established a collection of projects that all speak to the casual comfortable way of living on and near the beach along the Gulf of Mexico. Keeping the simple life simple and creating your happy place at the beach is at the top of the list on every project.


The Best Interior Designers In California - PART I

AC Martins is an Architecture, Planning, Interior Architecture, and research firm that make use of an Integrated Design approach to develop lasting environments for the 21 century and can affect people’s lives in a positive way. The company’s vision is constantly evolving and growing as Architecture has changed over the years and their main focus is to be at the forefront with an approach that is sustainable, technologically advanced, informed by research, and pushes the boundaries of Design.

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AECOM is the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm. They partner with clients to solve the world’s most complex challenges and build legacies for generations to come. At this company, they believe infrastructure creates an opportunity for everyone. Whether it’s improving your commute, keeping the lights on, providing access to clean water, or transforming skylines, infrastructure powers possibilities to help people and communities thrive.


As an interior designer and decorator, Alison Kandler enjoys creating beautiful rooms that are also comfortable. Her projects range in scale from redesigning a kitchen or bathroom, to designing every interior detail of a newly constructed house. While most of her work is inspired by traditional architecture and interior design from the 1920s and 1930s, she is just as comfortable working in a warm contemporary style.


Amber Interiors, the studio of the renowned designer Amber Lewis, brings that white-wall laid-back California aesthetic with an ever-evolving style to large-scale residences and extensive commercial projects worldwide. Light-filled rooms, colorful textiles, natural elements, earthy textures and brushed metals are the elements that define and can always distinguish an Amber Interiors designed home.


While Sklar no longer is performing comedy sets — she leaves that to her husband, Randy, one half of the Sklar Brothers — she still has an off-kilter sensibility that endears Amy Sklar Design to a growing roster of funny men and women that includes Patton Oswalt and Rob Corddry. “We take our job seriously but gag around a lot,” says Sklar, who then deadpans, “It’s better that way. Trust me.”


Exquisite furnishings in beautiful surroundings are the mark of a life well-lived and discovering those treasures are the joys of a life well-lived. Every sightline within your home should present a beautiful vignette that is both delightful to the eyes and easy to live within – that’s what Angela Rich is all about. Weaving new treasures, art & objet d’art into your existing furnishings will blend these joys of life seamlessly while achieving your interior design objectives.

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This is not an ordinary design firm. Angela Wells Interior Design is made of unique creations, cutting-edge designs and awe-inspiring spaces. The company provides complete Interior Styling as well as Design Services for Commercial And Residential projects and wants to capture and enhance the personality of its clients by delivering timeless, sophisticated, and refined luxury.


Located just north of San Francisco, in the idyllic Marin County, Ann Lowengart has been providing exacting designs for discerning clients for almost two decades. From crisp, colorful interiors to bright bold uses of color, Lowengart continues to create stunning and engaging interior designs. A quick look through their stunning portfolio illustrates their authority over the craft of creating beautiful environments.


Anna Lisa Avelar specializes in light-filled interiors that are soft yet structured, with a feeling of earthiness. Quality materials and a high standard for craftsmanship are the crux of her design philosophy. Her main office is in Los Gatos, and her team works on projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and around the country.


AP+I Design works with you domestically and worldwide – supporting your growth where it needs to happen. Their aim is to always comprehend, translate and delight with a client-driven mindset. From Architecture to Interior Design and from London to Mumbai, this firm has you covered.


Applegate Tran Interiors is located in the Mission District of San Francisco and was established in 1999 by its principal designers Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran. In addition to many years of creating bold, inviting, and dynamic spaces all over the world, their team has extensive experience in the fine, culinary, visual, and performing arts. All of this not only places them on the cutting edge of design trends but also grounds them with an understanding of timeless and beautiful design.


ASD|SKY is a creative firm committed to integrated and contextual design. They provide design services based on each of our client’s functional needs and culture, while incorporating sustainable practices into each project.


Shy by nature, Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, founders of Atelier AM, keep a notoriously low profile. This is quite a feat when you have clients like Tom Cruise and collaborate with consummate modern architects like Richard Meier. The husband-and-wife duo met in Manhattan while working on different projects for the same client. Relocating to Michael’s hometown of Los Angeles, they founded the preeminent firm Atelier AM. The power couple is known as the choice designers for art connoisseurs.


AvroKO has established a new paradigm in the hospitality industry, encompassing a multitude of disciplines while creating thoughtful and engaging architecture, brands, products, and environments. Since its launch in 2001, AvroKO has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative design firms in the field, due in large part to the group’s integrated design process and focus on creating emotionally connected experiences.


Over the span of his career, B. David Levine has offered architectural and interior design to discerning clients throughout Southern California. He has exhibited at Dwell on Design, ICFF, Art Furniture LAX and the NY Design Center. In addition, David won HGTV’s Designer’s Challenge and recently received the prestigious A’ Design International product design competition award. With extensive design experience, Levine’s approach is all-encompassing, infused with a vast knowledge of design principles, from classic to contemporary.


BAMO is comprised of individuals whose talents are recognized throughout the industry. Expertise, integrity, and versatility have established their reputation, but it’s the personality that ensures working with them is not only rewarding but fun. Just like BAMO’s designs, no two designers are the same; each leader brings a unique viewpoint along with their individual strengths and talents. The result is a wonderful, brilliant, and sometimes quirky band of design luminaries committed to style, attention to detail, and great management.

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Barclay Butera is the creative force behind his outstanding design company and showroom in Newport Beach, California. This top interior designer believes there should be history in a room, whether it be a piece of art, a vintage rug, or a family heirloom since for him, good design is a combination of yours, mine, and ours. Butera is known for glamorous, elegant, coastal-chic interiors.


Founded by Barbara Bestor and based in L.A., Bestor Architecture has designed a number of award-winning projects like the headquarters for Beats by Dre and Snap, Blackbirds, a new small-lot housing development in Echo Park, and a variety of experimental residences and commercial establishments. This firm has transformed architecture and design by infusing its projects with bold use of pattern, color, and graphics.


Big Red Rooster is a multidimensional brand experience firm. From the marketplace to the workplace, they create transformative human experiences that get results. They continue to prove that by thinking and acting differently, they deliver significant value and exponential growth to their clients’ businesses. They envision, design, and implement big ideas that meet consumers where they are — creating a series of connected moments that move people to action.


Birgit Klein is a Los Angeles and Montecito/Santa Barbara-based full-service interior architecture and design studio that has established a reputation for creating luxurious and timeless interiors that are both comfortable and relaxed. Birgit’s elevated aesthetic, cultivated through her European background and experience, provides a consistent foundation for her work, enabling her to balance her aesthetic vision with her client’s tastes and lifestyle to create truly bespoke environments. This custom-tailored approach allows the individual needs of each of her clients to be represented in her design, creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.


As glamorous as her clientele — Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z, Joe Jonas, Kelly Rowland, The AllBright social club — Brigette Romanek launched her Romanek Design Studio from the Laurel Canyon home she shares with her director husband, Mark Romanek. The hillside home, once owned by Rick Rubin and possibly haunted, required an overhaul by the ex-handbag designer (her Rockstar purse was carried by Kate Moss, two Kardashians, and Eva Mendes).


CallisonRTKL, a global architecture, planning, and design practice, began over seven decades ago and has evolved into a cultural agency to advance positive outcomes in our communities. Their team addresses the imperatives of resiliency, well-being, and technology and their influence in the built environment through a human-centric design approach.


Attention to detail, impeccable taste, and international design experience, this is Carrie Livingston. With offices in New York, Paris, London, and Beverly Hills, their team offers personal and home-style consulting, home staging, custom lighting, and furniture design and are ready to create luxury and unique spaces. Being busy traveling the world helped Livingston to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to create stunning Residential and Commercial projects in different places such as Moscow, London, and Sardinia. For this top interior designer, the concept of design is a collaboration of location, feeling, and time.




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