The Spanish looking 1940s mansion comes as  a reward to hardworking actor Bob Odenkirk, playing lawyer Saul Goodman in the very successful Breaking Bad show as well as in his new spin-off project Better Call Saul. The actor moved in this 3.3million wonderland, with canyon views, swimming pool and backyard with his wife Naomi earlier this month.


The 2.827sq feet of living space include large airy rooms designed by Betsy Burnham, where the base color is natural and light to leave room for colorful details and design objects carefully arranged around the house, to transmit a better sense of the owner’s personality.


Patterned pillows, drapes and rugs captivate the eye filling the otherwise neutrality with a touch of vitality, reinforced by the decorator’s use of orange and red hues in the details.



With stylish architectural features such as leafy views, iron balustrades, daring colorful mixes, and mediterranean touches the whole house gains a sense of eclectic appeal.



The landscape designer Judy Kameon wanted to recreate the lavish spanish atmosphere inspired by the house also in its garden and backyard, all the way to the swimming pool.


Overall, the ambience is chic, yet confident and unconventional, even daring. We would not mind stopping by for a visit!