They may be rich, but still they have very small houses. Let’s check on the celebrities with the smallest homes.

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Celebrities with large bank accounts and high paying jobs can afford to make any dream come true. In most cases, dreams mean huge mansions, incredibly large properties, car collections, and yachts. When it comes to their homes, their architecture and grandeur can leave anyone speechless. Some are even big enough to fit a small village inside and the price is just as overwhelming. However, every now and then, a few celebrities step out of the box and choose a different path.

The following list of 10 celebrities with the smallest homes presents a number of houses that may not be as spacious as you might expect from someone with their paychecks, but they do offer all the comfort and warm welcome they need to find peace.

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10. Brandon Boyd, $35 Million 4-Bedroom Craftsman, Santa Monica

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Brandon Boyd, talented musician and the lead singer of rock band Incubus cannot complain about his paycheck. Nevertheless, he decided not to spend all his fortune on real estate. Located on a palm tree lined street in Santa Monica, Brandon’s original craftsman-style bungalow bought in 2012 stands on a 13,188 square foot property. Built in 1923, the 4-bedroom house cost him $3.5 million, but it was money well spent. The stylish building boasts priceless architectural details like original hardwood floors, high ceilings and antique moldings. Also, of course, no home is complete without a large backyard and a swimming pool.

9. Nicky Hilton, $2,95 Million 3-Bedroom Ranch, Los Angeles

smallest homes celebrity

They may be family, but Paris Hilton‘s little sister took a completely different road in life. The fashion designer decided not to blow her fortune on extravagant houses and chose to move into a simple and humble home instead. It may look like a small house on the outside, but Nicky‘s 3-bedroom house is quite roomy on the inside. Her 4,072 square foot house comes with a small backyard and a swimming pool, just perfect for having guests over. Built in the 1940′s, the two-story house is only a few steps away from Sunset Boulevard, and Nicky dropped $2.95 million for it.

8. Tori Spelling, $2,6 Million 3-Bedroom California Bungalow, Malibu

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Actress Tori Spelling and reality TV star Dean McDermott share a humble 3-bedroom bungalow with their children. This is quite a surprising change of scene for Tori, who spent her childhood in the Spelling Manor, with its over 100 rooms, which recently sold for $85 million. The couple’s 2,400 square foot house comes with a 1.73 acre property. It was the property’s potential itself that attracted Tori, who designed it as an organic farm. There are fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, chicken coops, and even a horse corral. The single-story, 3-bedroom California bungalow is equipped with custom-built sliding doors and French oak floors, which add style to the couple’s crib, for which they paid $2.6 million.

7. Christina Ricci, $1,5 Million 2-Bedroom Mediterranean, Los Angeles

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American actress Christina Ricci, known for her roles in MermaidsThe Addams family, and Casper, is yet another Hollywood celebrity that can buy just about anything she wants. However, she decided to go home to a 2-bedroom Mediterranean-style house, rather than a luxurious mansion. It may be only 1,891 feet, but Christina Ricci’s stylish house has more to offer than meets the eye. The classic home built in 1957 comes with a swimming pool, terraced gardens, and a patio. There’s an eat-in kitchen, while the master bedroom is equipped with a large dressing room housing her designer couture. In 2005, Christina Ricci dropped $1.5 million for the property.

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6. Pete Wentz, $1,5 Million 4-Bedroom house, Studio City

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Talented musician Pete Wentz is the well-known bassist and lyricist of the band Fall Out Boy. Like every artist, he needs a place to find inspiration and a place where Zen-living is at its best. His $1.5 million house in Studio City, California is just below 2,000 square feet, but enough to accommodate both him and his guests. The most amazing attraction the property has to offer is its yard, equipped with pathways, a Japanese tea house, a Koi fish pond, and a waterfall. Plus, the open livingroom welcomes its residents and guests with a warming fireplace that burns using real wood. It may not be the most expensive home in the industry, but the 4-bedroom estate certainly feels like one of the most comfortable.

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5. Lea Michele, $1,4 Million 2-Bedroom bungalow, Los Angeles

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Actress Lea Michele, best known for playing the role of Rachel Barry in the television series Glee, is yet another one of those Hollywood celebrities who decided to save their money and move into a modest house, far away from the public eye. Her 1920′s bungalow comes with two bedrooms, a chef’s kitchen, and a steam shower coated in Carrara marble. All doors are French custom-made. The master bedroom leads to a terrace, and there’s even a salt water pool outside, complete with a patio and veranda. Lea Michele’s 1,805 square foot house is an interesting blend of classic features and the actress’ own contemporary touch, all for $1.4 million.

4. Lauren Conrad, $1,35 Million 3-Bedroom Condo, Beverly Hills

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Reality TV star, fashion designer, and the author of a trilogy, Lauren Conrad recently moved to a two-story condo in Beverly Hills, for which she dropped $1.35 million. Equipped with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, the penthouse has hardwood floors, an outdoor deck, a winding staircase, and even a rooftop pool. The huge windows of the 1970′s style condo open up to an exquisite view of Beverley Hills. It may not top what other celebrities come home to, but the 30,000 square feet of living space definitely reflects Lauren’s own personality and style.

3. Meredith Vieira, $1,1 Million 3-Bedroom House, Los Angeles

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Journalist and TV host Meredith Vieira could indulge in any type of real estate if she wanted to. However, the former host of The Today Show decided to come home to a humble abode located high in the Hollywood Hills, for which she paid $1.1 million. One of the main features of this 1,783 square foot house is the vaulted ceiling. Plus, there’s a fireplace, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hollywood sign and the glamorous city lights at night. The entire home opens to a covered stone terrace.


2. Shaquille O’Neal, $250.000 5-Bedroom House, Florida

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Retired basketball star Shaquille O’Neal is known as being the celebrity that redefined “living large.” He is the owner of a 70,000 square foot lakeside resort near Orlando, with 11 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, screening room, and a mind-blowing 20,000 square foot indoor basketball court. However, more recently, he moved into a much smaller house. With an estimated net worth of $250 million, Shaquille O’Neal shocked everyone when he purchased a $250,000 house in Mount Dora, Florida. With 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a kitchen equipped with granite counter tops, the new property also comes with a wet bar, an entertainment room, and cherry cabinets. The 3,900 square foot house is the perfect example of elegance for a low price.

1. Warren Buffett, $30,000 5-Bedroom House, Omaha

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American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist Warren Buffett is the proud owner of an estimated fortune of $46 billion. He is the third wealthiest person on the planet, second to Bill Gates andCarlos Slim. However, it seems that the secret behind his great fortune is saving wisely. Warren Buffett still lives in the 5-bedroom house he purchased more than four decades ago for a mere $31,500. The 6,570 square foot home purchased in 1957 would be worth about a quarter of a million today, which means that his humble house is still the cheapest and most modest among celebrities.

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