The eternal Cat Woman’s $8 million Malibu Beach Mansion is a dream home located in a luxury neighborhood in Malibu with incredible views to the ocean. Completely fit for a celebrity, it is a luxurious beach house we wouldn’t mind having, that’s for sure!

Malibu Beach Mansion

The iconic Hollywood actress moved into this house while her Hollywood Hills home was being repaired.

With an incredible view – from almost anywhere in the house you can see the ocean – Halle Berry can enjoy a great time with her daughter and fiance Olivier Matinez.

Malibu Beach Mansion

With 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, an elevator, and a hot tub, the beach house has a lot of space for lounging and looks amazingly comfortable. The interiors are predominantly white, with colored details throughout the house. It is an environment specially created for relaxing, as a beach house requires!

Source: The Most Expensive Homes