If you’re still reeling from Patrick Dempsey’s recent departure from Grey’s Anatomy, spend some time touring his Malibu home’s gorgeous interiors (and what may be our favorite back yard of all time) to fill that McDreamy shaped hole in your heart.

Let’s check some photos:

Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home1
If this dramatic living room looks familiar it’s likely because you spotted it on the cover of Architectural Digest last year.

The Great room 

Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home2

The Dining area

Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home3


The Open Plan / The Kitchen

Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home4
Soaring ceilings and a wall of glass doors give the open-plan first floor an especially breezy feel.


The Outdoor Kitchen

Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home5



The Outdoor Dining area

Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home6



The Pool Terrace and Poolside lounge

Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home7

The Fire Pit
Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home8
There’s really no reason to ever head indoors here. A built-in concrete sectional surrounds a fire pit that will keep the fam comfortable into the night.
Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home10


The Airstream
Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home9
Rather than a stuffy guest house, the spacious grounds play host to a retro airstream trailer—the perfect spot for some parental alone time.
The Master Bath
Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home12
Or, if they prefer to view their crackling logs indoors, simply retire to the master bath, where a concrete tub offers a similarly soothing view.
The Nighttime Scene
Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home11
For an evening alfresco the whole outdoor living space, which covers 3.23 acres and offers Pacific Ocean views, gives off an inviting warmth.


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