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Living rooms should always strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. In a world full of trends and tendencies, we want to share the ultimate inspiration. To help us make sense of it all, we are giving you the insights of some of our favorite interior designers and architects. Enjoy!


8 Beautiful Living Rooms By Top Interior Designers

India Mahdavi is known for lavishing colors with mastery. Interior projects signed by her take at least five shades and often reach ten. This happens because colors are not a mere element that makes up a composition – they are their own language. This wonderful designer imposes herself on the contemporary design industry as a singular, eclectic, and nomadic way to celebrate some kind of oriental pop in the West.

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8 Beautiful Living Rooms By Top Interior Designers

Peter Marino’s designs can be usually characterized by emphasized materiality, texture, scale light, and the constant dialogue between interior and exterior. Like NY Mag wrote, inside a Marino space, it’s all smooth-moving luxury, where drawers and doors close in perfect silence, and the elevator button is weirdly satisfying to push.


Patricia Bustos is from Madrid and has always been a very aesthetic and fashionable person. She has had an obsession with Marie Antoinette, feminism, and cream colors since she was a child when she already painted walls to create more feminine rooms. Having India Mahdavi and Kelly Wearstler as references, she’s sensitive to both the beauty of architecture and the art of design- this living room is proof of that.





DIMORESTUDIO interprets memories and creates dreams. They are storytellers and experienced builders. They create designs and atmospheres that recollect. A juxtaposition of contexts, spaces, and elements that evoke emotion. A nonlinear narrative blurring nostalgia presents sensations and hopes. Pairing, mixing, and matching different time periods. Artisanal techniques transmitted through generations. Old and new. Vintage and contemporary.


Less is more, restrained decor, understated and tranquil – all words to describe the interior design practice belonging to London-based Alix Lawson. A firm believer that simplicity is a new luxury, Alix’s brand is more than a design firm, seeking to change the way we view and experience our interiors.

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As an interior designer, Kelly Wearstler finds influence in Modernism and old Hollywood glamour as created by Dorothy Draper and William Haines, and the work of architect Aldo Rossi. Her style has been described as Hollywood Regency and Maximalism. She is credited, alongside Jonathan Adler and Miles Redd, to have brought “the florid and the decorative back to interior design”.


Yabu Pushelberg, in essence, consists of a design company that has handled a variety of projects throughout the years. The company created by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg has been focusing on the design and projects regarding many interiors, furniture, and product designs, for the hospitality and retail industries.


Kelly Hoppen is known for this idea of giving the most personalized and proper interiors for the client’s lifestyle. Besides being one of the most inspiring women that have ever lived, she’s also a true symbol of contemporary and luxury design. Neutral tones, clean lines, and a fusion of East meet West is a good way to describe her famous style. She tries to tell us stories with nothing but lighting, furniture, and other decor elements.

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