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Darrell Schmitt Design brings a homey feel to otherwise opulent and luxurious designs. Despite this high-minded attitude, Schmitt’s designs have just enough warmth and whimsy to appeal to families.


Darrell Schmitt has been an interior designer since 1972 when he received his BFA in Interior Design from the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, with some of the best interiors of the year. Before starting his own firm in Los Angeles, Schmitt was a Design Principal for James Northcutt Associates working on such visible projects as the Four Seasons Hotels at Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, Palm Beach, and Hualalai, Kona, Hawaii; The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills California; and the Las Misiones Country Club, in Monterrey, Mexico.

In 1997, Schmitt returned to more of a residential design projects focus with Darrell Schmitt Design Associates.


Take a look at some of his projects!

Calistoga Ranch

Pelican Hill Resort & Spa

darrell schmitt design

Though the firm is based in California, it has a broad scope and has done projects not only all over the US, but also in London, Tokyo, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Schmitt takes the profession of interior design seriously and is quite respected by industry peers such as LA designers design. He has served as president of two different chapters of the American Society of Interior Designers and is the recipient of the 2009 American Society of Interior Designers National Designer of Distinction Award.


Island Hotel

darrell schmitt design

darrell schmitt design

Customers testimonials:

“The design he did 30 years ago is still relevant today.”

“I’ve never met anyone so focused, so right on, so true to the project at hand.”

 “Not only did he find the correct period pieces, but he also found pieces to make the home accessible.”

“Darrell Schmitt is a unique interior designer in that he understands architecture and room/space planning. I think that this is from his commercial background, and that’s a rare skill in a residential designer.”


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