Mary Barensfeld builds its philosophy in modernist roots. From architecture to landscape Mary Barensfeld projects emphasize in the melding of interior and exterior spaces, that focus essentially on Residential and small commercial architecture and landscape projects to create modern luxury homes.


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Mary Barensfeld has her own company since 2013 but has been working on residential architecture projects since 2006. Actually she was one of the fortunates that could had worked to architecture and engineering firms like Craig Steely Architecture, Andrew Mann Architecture, and EndresWare Architects and Engineers.


Hilgard Garden




The Hilgard Garden is nestled between neighboring townhouses taking advantage of its sloping topography with a series of angular terraces. The project is located in Berkeley, California, and it’s based on a japanese maple sculpture park.


Berkeley Residence


The Berkeley Residence from Mary Barensfeld was created in order to meet the owner’s request to leave the existing small bungalow intact, a new second unit crouches coyly behind it. The home’s open plan living room provides dazzling views of San Francisco bay and the setting sun.


A Mid-Century Modern



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The drawings of Mid-Century Modern project were completed  on 1954 by the house’s original architect. The House itself is located near Los Angeles and was renovated to look a modern house with mid-century look.

Mary Barensfeld is a licensed architect in California and Pennsylvania and very awarded in the University of Pennsylvania. Nowadays she is known for luxury architecture projects.

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