Hollywood glamour and sophistication dates fairly back in time. The ’20s marked the beginning of the golden age in the movie business and in the rich and famous american world.

As the city of Los Angeles grew and developed a number of historical hotels were built and remain to this day as witnesses of that sparkling time marked by charm and prestige but also wars and prohibitionism. Here is a small collection of such emblematic buildings:

The Biltmore Hotel


It used to be called Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel but it is known today as the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. Built by architects Schultze and Weaver it offers 683 guest rooms and suites and it is richly furnished and decorated. Giovanni Smeraldi, known for his works at the Vatican, painted the frescos that adorn the main Galleria and the Crystal Ballroom in 1922.


This historic hotel is also well known for having hosted 8 Academy Award Ceremonies and was featured in many famous motion picture successes such as: A star is born, Ghostbusters, Independence Day, Ocean’s Eleven and many more. Stars as grand as the Beatles were guests of the Biltmore Hotel (1964).


The Beverly Hills Hotel


Also known as Bungalows (because it is made of 23 separate bungalows located in the garden), it opened in may 1912 on Sunset Boulevard and it was designed by architect Elmer Gray.

It prides itself with glamorous guests of the caliber of Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino and in more recent years, thanks to the development and expansion of the city of angels, many Hollywood stars came to enjoy the Californian sun in its garden and by the pool, some examples were John Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor.


The Georgian Hotel


One of the historic buildings of the Santa Monica coastline , this Art-deco hotel built in 1933 is an old Hollywood icons’ meeting point.

It was in fact built during prohibitionism (which ended the same year the hotel was constructed) to host Los Angeles’ high society by Eugene Dufree. Gone with the wind star Clark Gable used to be one of its best known guests.

In the spring of 2000 it was redone following a major $2 million renovation. Today some of the Georgian Hotel most famous guests are: Robert DeNiro and Oliver Stone.


The Beverly Hills Whilshire Hotel


Probably the best known on this list, thanks to the movie Pretty Woman that used its beautiful marble corridors and large suites as the main set for the romantic story between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.


The Beverly Whilshire Hotel was built in 1928 by Walker and Eisen and had guests as famous as Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty and John Lennon living in it for months and at times years.


Nowadays it is part of the Four Seasons Hotels circuit.

Hopefully we will soon have the chance to be a guest in all of the above mentioned hotels and feel a bit of the glamour and Hollywood history that still lives in those richly furnished hallways, stairways and lobbies.