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Customization is a process that creates the distinctiveness of a design piece in order to increase its personal relevance to an individual. The Kasual Collection of Karim Rashid in collaboration with the Portuguese mid-century brands was launched just a couple of weeks ago, and the good news is that you can customize every single piece and add your special touch to it. Are you curious? Continue scrolling and discover why these customizable design pieces will perfectly fit your new home décor or design project.


Kasual Collection: Customize The Design Pieces Of Your Dreams

We live in the age of casualism. In the non-stop connectivity of our digital age, there is a blurring of all social and human behaviors, creating this new casual age in which we live. Home is now work, sanctuary, school, restaurant, and movie theater. With the Kasual collection, Karim creates a perfect balance of comfort, simplicity, stunning beauty, and form. At this age, Kasual collection fits like a glove independently of the setting.

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With a curated selection of stunning pastel and vibrant colors that balance together perfectly, as well as typical mid-century materials that come together with a contemporary twist, this collection brings the precision of form and refined detail to a whole other level. At the epitome of design, Kasual collection is the best of both worlds: casual and luxurious, all wrapped up into a selection of incredibly designed furniture and lighting pieces that will bring timeless and precious value to any project.

Kasual Collection: Customize The Design Pieces Of Your Dreams

The brand new collection has a variety of lighting and furniture pieces, and the good news is that you can customize them!

Kasual Collection: Customize The Design Pieces Of Your Dreams

First things first – let’s state the difference between custom and customized design pieces. A custom design is a completely fresh design, made just for you; while a customized design piece is a slightly modified version of a design that a product designer already created. In other words, it’s the best of both worlds: the combo between the creativity of one of the best NY-based interior designers and your personal taste.

Kasual Collection: Customize The Design Pieces Of Your Dreams

This process starts with one of the standard design pieces of the Kasual Collection. The difference with this category is that you can then choose to modify it with colors in order to better fit your space.

Benefit: More specifically designed to best suit your room, the design can also take into account any color modifications needed.

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Keep in mind: Modifying the original design involves planning so that you can have the design piece of your dreams. You can choose different finishes for the lighting such as nickel-plated, brushed brass, and much more. Have you already decided which finish you’re going to pick?