Lori Dennis was born in New York in 1969 but lives nowadays in Los Angeles. Se lived in San Diego, Pennsylvania and New York before moving to Los Angeles to attend University High School.


Her Influences are based in turn of the century buildings in New York City, the landscape of Southern California and arts and crafts from the Amish country. Even as a teenager she attended weekly open houses in Los Angeles, exposing herself to some of the world’s most desired properties in Bel Air, Malibu and Pacific Palisades.




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Lori’s first break through design moment came at the young age, but she always paid a lot of attention to architecture and buildings.

Green design all came together and gelled in 1998 when in design school Lori met Jeffrey Mora, a sustainable chef for the Lakers and a member of NRDC. Lori and Jeffrey has a lot of people within the green movement: Ted Danson, Oceana, Jean-Michel Cousteau and Leslie Hoffman.



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Lori was thrilled that she could marry her love of design and architecture with this way of being that she had always been and form something called a green design business which actually made editors pay attention to her at a time when she was a new designer and it was hard to get people to pay attention to you.

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