Los Angeles is one of the cities in the world that inspires a lot of design aficionados. The inspirations come from the film industry, the iconic hillsides, or even from the art deco downtown. A lot of designers have been stating a great creative growth in recent years in Los Angeles.


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The city has a casual lifestyle which becomes a key ingredient for an almost designers’ paradise. Although in the past the city had been know for its bohemian environment, today the creative culture is described as bright and sophisticated.

Friends stools by Michael Felix

Los Angeles has the possibility of participating in a new era of design leading with its design instead of being lead by New York or Europe.

Earlier this year, Wolfum launched a line of six wallpapers with some of the company’s signature patterns including a Deco print in sea foam green, mustard yellow and charcoal.

Deco wallpaper

The story of California’s current design is largely influenced by color, from Mexico to Spain that result in a design culture that is experimenting with brightness and pattern.

Cliff May’s mid-century modern architecture

Ranch Home by Inventor Cliff May

Cliff May’s mid-century modern architecture set a new aesthetic for California devotees Designers.

California designers are also present at New York design events too. Many say this is still the best place to meet peers and clients from California because West Coast shows are less established.


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Maybe one of this we will have in California huge International Trade Shows such as High Point Market, BDNY or even AD Show.

Pyramid lamp by Bzippy & Co

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