Mountain Retreat in Park City can be what we are needing right now!

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Park City is located in Utah and it’s a place full of vantages to hideaway from the movement of the big cities.

As we can feel the different seasons of the year, either we ski on the snow in the winter or ride a bike through the wildflowers on the summer! It also has a lot of parks to wander!

If you are considering in have some vacations, the range of hotel options is great!  But, for those who really love some vacations in Park City, there is nothing like a cozy home to stay!

Coming from Bay Area California, and bringing some roots from there, here is a contemporary home for a Mountain Retreat that has all we need to relax and be comfortable, and at the same time, always ready for some adventure and skiing!

It was designed by CityHomeCOLLECTIVE, a boutique real-estate and design firm with amazing projects as the one we just saw! Not a typical home for Park City but a place with a great structure and light, combined with the perfect finishes, textures and neutral colors that speaks from herself!

A Cozy Mountain Retreat in Park City A Cozy Mountain Retreat in Park City

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