What would you do with $750,000? For most people, getting their hands on a hefty lump sum of money may mean paying off debt, investing it or perhaps, splurging on a dream vacation. Well, for Kim Kardashian and her fiancé Kanye West, that money is being put towards Kim’s new personal glam room, which the couple revealed this week will be the most recent renovation of their $11 million Bel Air mansion.

This sprawling 9,000-square-foot palace has been under construction for longer than a year. An OK! Magazine reporter spills that this famed twosome are “building a one-of-a-kind, $11-million dollar mansion in Bel Air that will be so over-the-top and fabulous that it will be unlike anything that Bel Air has seen.” Considering the astounding amenities and rooms, including a bowling alley, 374-square-foot covered patio, music studio, an $83,000 infinity pool, two-story garage, a gym, maids’ quarters and a wine room, it’s no surprise that this isn’t quite ready and won’t be for quite some time, according to RadarOnline.com.

In typical Kim and Kanye fashion, these exclusive and unique spaces promise not to disappoint. They are drawing inspiration from a recent trip to the Palace of Versailles, where they basked in the majesty of the famed Hall of Mirrors and concluded that a similar style would be perfect for their own palace.RadarOnline.com states that “their contractors have been put through the paces with constant redesign and new ideas.” Take a peek inside the couple’s stunning multi-million dollar mansion and its seven most extravagant and unusual rooms, and see for yourself why keeping up with the Kardashians—or at least Kimye—will come at a pretty hefty price tag.

7. Kim And Kanye’s Walk-In Closet


If there’s one thing Kim and Kanye have in common, it’s their love of clothing and accessories. As reported by RadarOnline.com, “Because the couple needs a place to hang their designer duds, there will be two separate his and hers closets.” Photos of the couple’s colossal closets show stunning wood shelves, storage and wardrobes. It would be difficult to imagine Kim settling for anything less. Her former residence boasted two separate closet spaces, one for her clothing and another strictly for accessories. She joked in herVogue interview that the couple has to use the entire bottom floor of Kanye’s house to store her wardrobe, adding, “We have a walk-in house!”


6. North’s Five Rooms



“It’s been reported that North’s going to have at least five rooms,” shares an OK! Magazine reporter. “The nursery, the dressing room, probably at least two playrooms and another room just for the nanny to live in.” Her spacious suite will be situated across the hall from Kim and Kanye’s master bedroom and will include North’s own walk-in closet, dual-wall chalkboards and a private attached bathroom.


5. Living Room



Kim and Kanye may not have much downtime, but when they do have a few minutes to relax, they’ll do so in their enormous living room. Much like the rest of the Kimye kingdom, this room is expected to undergo extensive transformations of its own, according to RadarOnline.com. Per Kim and Kanye’s requests, the coffered ceilings throughout the space will be replaced with the highest flat ceiling possible, as well as an updated fireplace, re-stained wood flooring, custom-crafted Italian furniture and new glass doors that will lead to the backyard. In total, it is predicted that these changes are expected to push the renovation costs on the home to well over the $6 million mark.


4. Kitchen


Estimated to cost around $30,000, based on property documents, the Kimye kitchen is a culinary dream come true. Kim and Kanye’s continuously growing building permit with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety states, intentions for the couple to completely demolish the original chef’s kitchen to accommodate an updated back-splash, new cabinetry and renovated counter-tops. We also can’t forget about the roughly $1 million worth of Electrolux appliances and Swarovski-encrusted fridge freezer that The Daily Mail claims Kimye plans to add. From this room, the couple will have breathtaking views of the property’s rear yard with its 800-square-foot pavilion, infinity pool and BBQ area.


3. Kim and Kanye’s Master Bathroom


Give Kanye his own $750,000 to spend and he’ll practically flush it down the toilet, his four gold-plated toilets, that is. An unnamed source revealed to The Daily Mail that “Kanye’s a total snob when it comes to style, design and architecture…he thinks nothing of changing direction midway and starting over.” The master bathroom in Kimye’s not-so-humble abode is reported to contain its own gold-plated ‘his and hers’ toilets, as well as double sinks. Modern stone sinks, high-quality metal and glass doors, refinishedhardwood floors and beautiful tempered glass showers will finish off the couple’s bathroom face-lift. For Kanye, this home is his work of art and he has become obsessed with making it the perfect place for his growing family, down to the smallest details.


2. Kim and Kanye’s Master Bedroom


Kim and Kanye’s master bathroom ranks high among the most impressive rooms in their new home. With its own sitting area, en-suite bathroom, his and hers walk-in closet, balcony and fireplace with bench-seating, Kimye’s bedroom certainly appears to be extravagant. But, even those luxuries pale in comparison to the cost of six special-edition luxury beds rumored to be purchased by the couple. The Daily Mail reports the pair dropped more than $1.2-million on these beds made from a company that supplies London’s world-class Savoy Hotel with its beds. Each bed, constructed from a combination of Mongolian horse hair, carded Virgin lamb’s wool, star-lashed springs and cashmere, is estimated to take several hundred hours to produce.


1. Kim’s Glam Room


The plans for this pricey luxury make-up room were revealed earlier this month, which rings up at a staggering $750,000. Kim’s personal “glam room,” as its being called, will feature a “glam bath”, accessible via her massive master closet’s high-end metal doors. While there have been few other additional details released on what other amenities this glam room will house, the couple has reported that Kim’s own glam squad—her team of exclusive make-up artists—will be “working around the clock” to keep the reality TV princess and new mom, looking gorgeous at all times.