Jay Jeffers Design Group creates luxurious yet livable homes. These spaces have so much soul and a warm atmosphere. So, take a look at the amazing private projects from Jeffers Design Group!


Killer Corner

Jeffers Design Group was hired to take an ultra-luxury condominium private projects in Pacific Heights.This conjoint kitchen and living room design is ideal  is chic and functional and the perfect layout for a dinner party for 10 or a cocktail party for 50.

Sky High Glamour in San Francisco

In this cosmopolitan Russian Hill home, floor-to-ceiling windows frame a quintessential San Francisco view, the design is clean and highlighted the owners’ art collection. A palette of greys and whites takes place in order to create bold, sculptural forms of the furnishings pop, giving the space real wow factor. Be inspired by this modern interior decoration from one of the best private projects of Jeffers Design Group.

Ritz Carlton III

In 2013, Ritz-Carlton commissioned Jeffers Design Group to design three model penthouses for their Tahoe Residences. This living room embodies great style and elegancy but at the same time brings that cosmopolitan style to the mountains. This is the third of the private projects and features a cool gray palette as the backdrop for furnishings that match industrial and natural materials.

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Home in Presidio Heights

jeffers design group

Jeffers Design Group gave a fresh touch to an historic home in Presidio Heights. Jay Jeffers remodeled the interiors in order to create an easy environment for a large family. This master bedroom stands out by the warm color palette used. The neutral tones contrast with the dark wooden furniture.

San Francisco Retreat

jeffers design group

The furnishings are in industrial materials like bronze, brass, and blackened steel, while the room’s grey and blue color story unfolds in fabulous Holland & Sherry wools and linens. An amazing home decoration created by Jeffers Design Group artisans! The interior designer presents amazing private projects for everyone to be inspired.

Modern Mountain

jeffers design group

This home interiors are set in picturesque Martis Camp in Truckee (California). Standing out by the amazing junction of rustic with modern style. This interior decorations features different patterns contrasting with neutral color palette.

jeffers design group

The furnishings in this bedroom are clean, simple, and a chic neutral backdrop to the clients’ fantastic art collection.

Secluded Saint Helena

jeffers design group

This getaway is in beautiful Saint Helena, California. The modern interior decoration stands out by the use of a glowy blue that contrasts with the golden details and the nude sofas, turning it into a true luxurious living room.  jeffers design group The exterior was painted in neutral dark hues and filled with comfortable furniture for entertaining, hanging out and family dinners. Great private projects for you to be inspired with!


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