Antonio Martins is a successful portuguese Interior Designer based in San Francisco. Although he has studied hotel management in Switzerland, and worked for 11 years building his hotel career along Asia, he now designs interior design projects for a quite high-end clientele.


Pacific Heights Master Bedroom project by Antonio Martins


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The Pacific Heights Master Bedroom Project is inspired in the Portuguese handcrafted tradition to reinvente it into this modern interiors by Antonio Martins.


So in his early career till now he has been working in Hotel operations to Hotel design. So he had left his mark in some of the finest venues in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Argentina and most recently Chicago.


The Tahoe Retreat project by Antonio Martins was produced for a bachelor client, that has a special taste for urban residential projects, so it was easy for the interior designer to create this fun and hip ski retreat in Tahoe.


When he moved to San Francisco as when his Residential Career began, while he was studying to obtaining the Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design.

Antonio Martins is know as an artist with a big heart that brings an eclectic approach to interior design. He usually mixes antiques with modern artwork and contemporary furniture.

Noe Valley Residence by Antonio Martins


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The Now Valley Residence project by Antonio Martins was placed in an awarded residence by Zack/De Vito Architecture in the Noe Valley district of San Francisco.

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