Today we present you Covet House brands new furniture collection.

Covet house group offers a curated selection of design pieces from the world’s top brands, distinct materials and tools, specialized marketing, and recognition. Bespoke services are provided by a team of highly trained designers with a unique insight on the Interior and Product Design industry and a large experience acquired through their work in projects all over the world.

Covet House inspires and delivers design to all design enthusiasts. they love challenges. Their biggest dream is to gather the greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers, press or just design lovers for the greatest celebration of design.

From a luxury sofa, to a midcentury mirror, to a contemporary wall lamp, you will find some of the most recent design pieces from Covet House’s Brands for your project.

Boca do Lobo gave birth to a unique creation for the Metamorphosis family: The Metamorphosis center table

covet house

Similar to the dramatic transformation and the sudden change in the animal’s body structure, Metamorphosis Center Table experiences new unexpected design techniques, noble finishes through a meticulous artistic process. The table is composed by two fragments, finished in mirror and noble marble and beautified by the presence of golden creatures that are prepared for their ultimate metamorphosis.

covet house

Imperfectio Sofa is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life.

covet house

The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass expose the beauty of imperfection.   covet house

Some parts are roughly asymmetrical at the surface yet comfortable and smooth in a peculiar way to excite a desire for complementing your living room.  covet house


covet house

DAVIS armchair from BRABBU was named after the sea along the coast of East Antarctica, representing its colors and its ripple through the forms that convey movement.

covet house

AGRA is the modest setting of one of the most famous and most celebrated monuments in the world, the Taj Mahal, also known as the marble mausoleum. AGRA display, just like Taj Mahal, is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance.

covet house

Seeking retribution, she fights to take back what is rightfully hers. Cast brass hands grasp the Vengeance lamp’s marble column structure embodying her impassioned struggle.

covet house

It is with a powerful stance that Jackson suspension lamp embodies all the key movements from the 80’s pop king Michael Jackson. The perfect spin from mid-century design classics to a commemoration of pop culture.

Ellen is a sophisticated and graceful dining chair with a white smooth fabric. Designed to perform in a manner that indulges the eye, Ellen’s sculptural back and elegant curves create a chic retro look in any interior project.

Inspired in the fundamentals of midcentury modern design, Dolly Coffee Table is the perfect touch for a stylish Parisienne lounge bar. With a beautiful marble top and base, and a golden eye-catching support, Dolly Coffee Table is the perfect detail on a vintage cocktail party.

Get inspired by these amazing furniture pieces!

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