Thanksgiving is only a few days away. This year on the night of the 27th November, we will assemble our dining table and arrange our homes to receive our beloved ones in a special day. Thanksgiving is Los Angeles Homes favorite holiday so we got some expert advice from California Designers Tony Schubert and Catherine Kwong on how to settle the perfect thanksgiving table.

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Catherine Kwong advises to decorate with garlands and wreaths for the holidays. ‘The fresh leaves smell amazing, and it’s a simple way to make things look instantly festive.’ While Schubert confirms that ‘to decorate with fall branches sourced from the local florist and strategically place them in tall glass vessels. You never have to feel intimidated about placement, as almost any fall décor will look amazing.’

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Perfect mix of formal and casual decor. Dress up your table completely, before your guests arrive, that way you will have a sense of space. Choose elegant pieces for the table, preferably handmade pieces and gift-worthy pantry essentials to give your décor a trendier look.

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Edible items in a tablescape, despite what you might think are probably not a good idea. Instead why not go fora fun chocolate display for desert.’ Schubert advises.In order  to maintain a luxurious environment,  keep in mind your overall décor theme and colour scheme. This year the trend set is for our beloved Gold industrial finish, perfect for reflecting your dinnertime candlelight.

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When it comes to the kids table Tony Schubert leaves us with a gracious advice: ‘continuing your theme and just translating it into a smaller version, so everyone can enjoy.’

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