Grayson Luxury is a Los Angeles based showroom that uses to bring the most innovative designer brands in the home interiors industry. The Grayson Luxury Showroom was located in beginning at the LA Mart Design Center, but nowadays is located in the heart of Beverly Hills.

The Grayson Luxury Showroom has a strong foundation among the design community and has become an icon for the modern interior design.



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The environment that can be experienced in Grayson Luxury is very comfortable and easy for designers and their clients to imagine all the possibilities of contemporary interior splendor.

The curated collection of handcrafted furnishings, masterpiece lighting, hand-tied rugs and unique decor, is unique to Grayson Luxury Showroom.



With one-of-a-kind furnishing and names like Marge Carson, Christopher Guy and EJ Victor, at Grayson Luxury you will find and would be able to combine traditional and classic contemporary furnishings within an elegant and luxurious space.



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