The following article will serve as an honouring piece for those we were selected by Architectural Digest as the top 100 architects and designers of this passing year. Changing the world with their creations, these ground-breaking designers willing to go beyond their limits in order to create the most extraordinary products of artistry. In this proficient selection courtesy of AD, these artists will be categorised by their specialities within the design world.



“The Avant-Garde – 8 architectural powerhouses whose soaring structures are reshaping the world’s skylines”

Diller Scofidio + Renfro

diller-scofidio-renfro-bampfa-01 Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio, Charles Renfro, and Benjamin Gilmartin lead the design firm into improving cities, rethinking conventions, and democratising spaces for public use. This philosophy can be perfectly confirmed by the astonishing Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

Michael Maltzan Architecture


The Los Angeles-based designer often does urban work in his hometown as he already transformed vacant land into a thriving mixed-use development and devised celebrated housing for the homeless. Currently, Maltzan is working on a new viaduct for the city.

OMA New York


Frontrunners Shohei Shigematsu and Jason Long believe that “Beauty is discovered through the interrogation of possibility.” The design partners usually do astounding creations from Tokyo to Canada, just take a look at their fabulous Pierre Lassonde Pavilion Grand Alle Cantilever, in Quebec.



According to Craig Dykers and Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, “Design allows us to change reality”. The Duo has made quite an impact from Oslo to San Francisco with indelible creations, for example, contemplate the grandness of the Ryerson University’s Student Learning Centre, in Toronto.

Studio Gang


Following the ideology that design connects people on a social, experiential, and intellectual basis, the designed studio guided by Jeanne Gang designed this striking wood-walled Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Ferguson & Shamamian Architects


The New-York based firm led by Mark Ferguson and Oscar Shamamian aspires to “carry forward the best the past offers in new and appropriate ways.” They ofter do work in residential designs in a very classical fashion to an extremely elite clientele. Above, you can see the result of a renovation of a duplex by the duo.

Ike Kligerman Barkley


John Ike, Thomas A. Kligerman, and Joel Barkley best describe their style as being emotional, approachable, and intellectual. Their work is best known for having stunning rooflines, audacious dormers, and shingles galore. You can see the first one in this beautiful residence in Rhode Island.

Peter Pennoyer Architects


The New-York based designer utilises 3-D rapid prototyping in order to produce unique details and objects in a project. In addition, Pennoyer is recognised as a forerunner in classicism and historic preservation. The Image illustrates one of his renovation projects in a New York townhouse.

Deborah Berke Partners


The Architect is renowned for her dexterity on balancing modern with warmth aspects. Berke’s designs represent a sense of clarity, simplicity, and sensitivity to context. Currently, she is the dean of the Yale School of Architecture. Depicted above, you can visualise the designer’s minimalist house, in Bridgehampton.

Leroy Street Studio


The Studio is represented by Marc Turkel, Morgan Hare, and Shawn Watts and they design intelligent, responsible, inquisitive, and enduring buildings. Their next project will entail going back to design basics, meaning understated and thoughtfully crafted architecture.



Co-founder of SheltonMindel, Lee F. Mindel declares that the New York firm “creates spaces that solve problems”. The architect is an expert in 20th-century design especially when it comes to uncluttered spaces rooted in history. Above depicted, you can see the alluring interiors of a house in Colorado.

Interior Design

“American Beauties – Classic American decorating never looked better in the hands of these homegrown talents”

Atelier AM


The Los-Angeles firm is headlined by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski and they describe their signature style as being edited. This can be seen in their design project in a living room apartment in Chicago where they decorated with Macassar ebony panels.

Michael S. Smith Inc.


Recently launching three exclusive outdoor collections of furniture for Brown Jordan, the designers describes his design methodology as “pure classical design traditions with unexpected elements.” This year, Smith was awarded the 2016 Sorolla Medal for promoting Spanish arts.

Tucker & Marks Inc.


The High-end residential interior design firm principals, Suzanne Trucker and Timothy Marks embrace on a daily basis the individual and magnificent forms of design. Depicted atop, you can see their transformation of a neoclassical-styled San Francisco apartment in a collaboration with Andrew Skurman Architects.

Groves & Co.  s-russell-groves-ad100-001-800x520 Architect and designer Russell Groves is responsible for the New York-based studio, and Groves characterises its style as “Layered modernism infused with warmth and ease.”  Groves’ firm is simultaneously working on a residential tower in New York and a Napa Valley estate.

Victoria Hagan Interiors


Hagan’s designs exude sophistication in the use of neutral palette, something you can observe in this 19th-century home in Connecticut. Her designs are described by herself as Timeless American.

JP Molyneux Studio Ltd.

jp-molyneux-studio-ad100 Molyneux goes beyond limits to incorporate historic thematics into his designs, while sometimes linking it together with modern details always providing the best craftsmanship services.

Paul Fortune Design Studio


Based in Los Angeles, Paul Fortune best described the studio’s philosophy as “We pay attention to history and provenance and then make the project work in the present.” Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola are two of their most distinctive clients.

Steven Volpe Design


The designer from San Francisco defines his signature style as being “thoughtfully modern”, meaning everything is maximised to detail and knowledge while being aesthetically pleasing. You can clearly see this tranlation in his his rendition of a dining room area in a San Franciscan residence.

Thad Hayes Inc.


Based in New York, the designer’s creations are perceived as tailored interiors imbued by a knowledge on various areas of interest, from architecture to fine arts.

Waldo’s Design


Focusing on bringing personality to a space, Waldo Fernandez mashes elements from venerable styles with groundbreaking novelties. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are among his most valuable clients.

Kemble Interiors

0415-ad-kemb04-01-800x520 A team of mother (Mimi McKain) and daughter (Celeste Kemble) who main purpose is to provide comfortable, thoughtful and lively designs that brim with personality as you can see by this freeing living room set in the Dominican Republic.

Stephen Shadley Designs


Requested by many Hollywood superstars, such as Jennifer Aniston and Diane Keaton, Shadley Designs pursues an ideology that design is a narrative and the creator of dreams needs to respond not only to the client but also the context. The designer is working on a 1913 castle in New York.

Kelly Wearstler


Renowned for her vivacious and colourful compositions, Kelly Wearstler knows how to perfectly blend daring textures with bold colours while telling a fulfilling story –“I want to tell evocative design stories, adventurous and full of soul.” Her clientele list goes from Cameron Diaz to Gwen Stefani and quite recently she has designed the interiors of Proper Hotels in Austin, San Francisco, and Los Angeles alongside Brad Korzen

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design


The Californian designer views Modern Luxury as the most comfortable of options, this is very evident in projects, such as the Raleigh hotel in Miami Beach and Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara. His clients range from Kendall Jenner to Ellen Pompeo.



The Design firm is managed by Roman Alonso and Steven Johanknecht. Their eclectic designs are of international and historical nature. Presently, they have a collection for Christopher Farr Cloth consisting of fabrics, wallpaper and rugs as well as a lighting set for Remains Lighting.

The Roger Thomas Collection

the-roger-thomas-collection-ad100-01 Developing products for both residential and commercial work, Roger Thomas ensures that his designs are characterised by comfort and elegance through dramatic, intriguing, and humouristic presentations.


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