Rugs can help to define separate spaces within a large room and come in a variety of shapes, which includes rectangles, squares and circular shapes. Take a look at these outstanding rugs for your interiors.


outstanding rugs

The mythological standardin this rug takes us back to ancient Greece, with the mixture of shapes and patterns standing out in alluring shades of brown. Perfect for the most daring environments, always with the characteristic refinement of Boca do Lobo’s designs.


In a living room of a home designed by Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle, the cowhide rugs are from Anne Coyle Interiors.

bedroom outstanding rugs

The paintings on the Sistine Chapel are an undeniable reference for art connoisseurs. Their sober, distinctive, captivating character, distinguish them from all other art works on architectural landmarks worldwide. Boca do Lobo tribute to Michael Angelo and his works of art, the Sistine Rug , reinterprets his aesthetic and style according to the cosmopolitan and vibrant lifestyle of the twenty-first century.

brabbu outstanding rugs

Sudd is a vast swamp located in the South of Sudan which has its origins in the Arabic word that means barrier or obstruction. Like the swamp that inspired this BRABBU´s rug, SUDD features an asymmetrical pattern transmitting a strong and natural sensation.  This hand-tufted 100% wool rug is perfect for interior ambiances such as living rooms, bedrooms and home offices. SUDD rug conveys BRABBU’s message, allowing the creation of an intense and modern space.

koket outstanding rugs

Koket Cowhide rug with Bovine Leather Metallic Border. Bovine leather refers to leather relating to cattle. This extraordinary leather combines strength and suppleness providing a cozy and elegant look for your space. 100% natural leather. Artfully crafted from fine leather, our rugs beautifully create the warmth and softness that only genuine leather can give.

brabbu himab outstanding rugs

Himba is a southern Angola tribe, who lives in a land isolated by deserts and moun- tains and dresses in strictly traditional ways. Himba is famous for their beautiful women painted with ochre and long tresses wrapped in red clay. They have an extre- me capacity to survive in hard conditions, a remarkable feature from where HIMBA is born: a strong, powerful, red coloured rug made from hand-knotted thin wool, taking to your home the warm sensations of Africa. Designed by BRABBU.


Let us know about your favorite rug from this collection… You have different styles to inspire yourself.

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