MASS Beverly is a Luxury Home Design Showroom that focus on Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Textiles and Outside Furniture. The Showroom philosophy is to lead the luxury home design into a worldwide level, inspiring the design lovers to assemble an extensive and innovative collection of leading European brands.

The European brands of MASS Beverly Showroom focusing in Bathroom such as Antonio Lupi, Salvatori, ToscoQuattro and Neutra; Bedroom and Textile such as Ivano Redaelli and Loro Piana; Finishes such as Mutina and Tosco Marmi; and Lighting such as Viabizzuno and Arch XX.



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Los Angeles Homes found our that MASS Beverly selection result is a selection that combines incredible design, sophistication and diverse creative interpretations. So architects, interior designers, and buyers can create contemporary interior design for their clients’ projects.

The Luxury Home Design Showroom located in Beverly Hills create with its partners products and projects to the most luxury homes and trendy LA apartments with the highest quality standards.


The main goal of MASS Beverly is to offer customized selections that perfectly integrate the European design with the Southern California lifestyle.

Combining traditional artisanal methods with high tech design allows us to supply the most advanced solution without sacrificing our design aesthetic.



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Los Angeles Homes wanted to bring you some hot news on the Los Angeles Showrooms, where you can find a lot of interior design ideas.

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