We all know that color is a powerful element in interior décor. It has a really big influence also in our subconscious and with that in mind it also affects our love life. That’s why it is important to choose the right colour for the room.

Today we reveal the secret for a room to spice up you sex life, with amazing bedrooms build for love. The colors, textures , space are all important aspects to build a exciting ambient.

The color of your bedroom walls and decor says how much sex you’re having.
Maybe? Why not?

You want more sex and love? See this amazing bedroom with red colors – the color of love! desirable?


It’s proven that people with bedrooms caramel-colored walls are having the most sex. Woow


Bedrooms with certain colors and extras for people to wake up happy.


The orange color has been found to relax muscles. The best end!


For good and positive feelings: green creates a calm and soothing vibe.


Those with a brown, cream or white bedroom are most likely workaholics who take their work to bed, but they want relax in final of the day and receive love!


Certainly, the more important thing is love, but if you can create more sensations and opportunities for more and best sex with your partner, why not do it?