Tim Clarke is one of the best well-known designers that embody beach chic and coastal living.

Although he has started his career working with Michael Smith, quickly Tim became an expert on his own, and since then with an impressive clientèle including Sally Field and Ben Stiller.

Scandia Surf homes by Tim Clarke


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Seaside Mediterranean homes by Tim clarke

Tim Clarke has a peculiar signature mixing surf and sand into a modern aesthetic, reflected in eclectic furnishings and objects, and has been capturing during his career the truly essence of coastal living.

Some of Tim Clarke Top Projects are along the seaside with an elegant and vintage touch to transform his clientele luxury interiors into a new era of design using always his signature.

Inherited Ease by Tim Clarke


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Beach Classic by Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke is widely known for creating unique spaces inspired in beach and modern without sacrificing style or elegance.

Clarke started his career with world-renowned interior designer Michael Smith (most recently designing the Obama White House) and quickly developed his own list of impressive clients including leaders in entertainment, business, and sports.

Native Woods by Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke lives in Santa Monica, California, so his inspirations are all over the place along the coastal seaside.

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