Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Martin Lawrence

From the most influential to the newest, find out the top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers.

Kelly Wearstler

01 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_kelly wearstler

The New Yorker named her “The Presiding Grande Dame of West Coast Interior Design.” She has designed interiors for Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and Cameron Diaz. Influenced by her mother, who was an interior designer and an antique dealer, Wearstler’s style is raw, refined and soulful with an artsy personalized edge.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

02 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Martin Lawrence

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, a British interior designer, style has been described as ‘Hollywood glamour meets ethnic exotica’. Bullard admits travel is his biggest inspiration; he has the unique ability to create a vast array of styles reflecting various cultures through the use of texture, color and attention to detail.

Kathryn Ireland

03 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn Ireland describes herself to be a citizen of the world. Her designs exude an elegant vibe that is both worldly and chic, her style reflects bold use of color, layering patterns and textures that embrace the beauty of imperfection.

Molly Isaksen

04 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Molly Isaksen

Those who contact her already know her caliber of design in Beverly Hills. Molly Isaksen is known for her high-end, east coast preppy vibe with a calm and appealing aesthetic. The effect is timeless and elegant. Isaksen thrives in creating quiet and peaceful sanctuaries in yacht interiors, residential and commercial design projects throughout L.A, New York, London and Holland.

Dwell Candy

05 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Dwell

Dwell Candy is an Interior Design Studio with a diverse team of talented decorators. Dwell Candy meld the personality of each client into a design that is reflective of that client’s personal style. Many of their projects exude beauty with a modern vibe that is both elegant and comfortable.

Jeffrey Alan Marks 

06 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Jeffrey Alan

Alan Marks is known internationally for designing homes with modern yet comfortable spaces. Epitomizing a fresh and timeless design, Marks’s has a unique eye for combining “traditional elegance with contemporary edgy accents.”

Donna Livingston Design 

07 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Donna Livingston

Architectural Digest‘s Top 100 Designer List, Donna Livingston is the go-to interior designer for luxury living, fusing her style proficiency with a non-intimidating sense of refinement and elegance. Donna Livingston’s knowledge mixes a unique cocktail of international travel, customization and art appreciation, exquisite details full of rich colors and textures.

Harris House Design

08 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Harris House Design

Focusing on the individual needs of each client, Harris House Design understands and respects long-term relationships and creates a loyal environment that suits everyone’s needs. Harris House Design works with you to create a space that brings in all elements of renovating transforming it into a place where living happens.

 Lafia/Arvin Interior Design

09 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_lafia arvin

Lafia/Arvin Interior Design focuses on attention to detail and providing a full-service, high-quality interior design. Creating residential spaces for high-profile A-listers including Sugar Ray Leonard, Wayne Gretzky and Kenny G as well as L.A.’s socialites, Lafia/Arvin Interior Design sets itself apart from other design firms with its unique ability to hone in on exactly what the client wants, treating them like royalty.

Leslie Harris Interior Design 

10 Top 10 Los Angeles Interior Designers_Leslie Harris

Principle designer, Leslie Harris, is also known for his savvy eye for detail and the ability to remodel small, unused spaces into ‘little jewels.’ These gem spaces are thoughtfully designed by a team of creative craftsmen and experts that pride themselves on how it approaches each job and its ability to envision color and pattern combinations, textures and a fusion of modernity with classic trends.

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