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Runway- top designers are sometimes our best source to uncover fresh new looks, inspiring tips for the home and stylish interior design ideas that we will definitely love.

Most of the best fashion design houses have now their own private home. More and more Fashion and Interior Design are connected, as both are a reflection of our personality, and we all know the catwalks are full of colour and textures that you can easily translate into our home decor.

We went and sneak up on their collections to bring you our Top 7 Inspirations for Home Decor.

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Armani Casa

1.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. armani-home

Armani is a sensual minimalist, drawing inspiration not only from the catwalk but also from the Zen cool of Eastern design. The collection is popular with the downtown crowd, who are eager to furnish their homes in contemporary style with sleek, masculine lines. Tables with parchment veneers, gold lacquer dining room tables, and even mother-of-pearl caviar sets underscore Armani’s genius with fabrics and finishes.

Boss Home

8.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. Boss
Hugo Boss is the go-to uniform for many on Wall Street, so it’s no surprise that Boss Home is a favorite for many FiDi condos and lofts. Look for plush bed and bath items—kimono-style bathrobes, silk pillows, and alpaca throws in chic neutrals. Boss’s signature plush cotton Classiques towels are as indispensable as the brand’s cotton slim-fit dress shirts.

Donna Karan Home

3.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. Donna Karan
Donna Karan reinvented the way career women dressed in the ’80s and brought a glamorous fashion edge to business attire. For her home collection, it’s all about easy luxury—sumptuous beds draped in silky sleek linens, charmeuse, cashmere, and cuddly knits. There’s fashion detailing as well with duvets, quilts, and pillows styled with special embroideries, ruched stitching, and even sequins.

Kate Spade New York

4.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. Kate Spade New York
Young celebs like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé love Kate Spade for her witty designs, which range from chic retro-modern day dresses to Pop-art-inspired iPad folios. The brand’s collaboration with Lenox, the tableware company that has made china for six US presidents, resulted in a collection of hip and modern place settings, with dishes splashed with dachshund designs and Crayola-colored cityscape doodles. Mugs and paperweights quipping eat cake for breakfast make whimsical gifts.

Missoni Home

6.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. Missoni Home

6.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. Missoni Home 1
The Missonis, known for their lively and colorful patterned knits, launched an eponymous home décor line three decades ago. The collections have grown substantially since that time and now the label’s chevron motif appears on a wide variety of home items, including bedding, lighting, and even all-weather furniture and pillows perfect for outdoor spaces. Another recent addition is a collection of fashion-forward candles with scents inspired by different regions in Italy.

Ralph Lauren Home

2.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. ralph-lauren-home
One of America’s most important fashion tastemakers, Ralph Lauren created a wildly successful home collection with various lines referencing everything from Hollywood to the Wild West. Perhaps best known are Lauren’s Anglo-inspired pieces—available at his flawless Neoclassical-style flagship on the Upper East Side. Lauren pulls from diverse influences, including the Parisian Left Bank’s artistic roots and an Edwardian Bishopsgate estate.

Versace Home

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5.Top 7 Inspirations For Home Decor. Versace Home

Fashion designer Donatella Versace’s affinity for the dramatic and the ornate shines through in her home collection via intricately hand-painted china and other tabletop items. In the Fifth Avenue boutique, you’ll find the majestic golden Legend of the Dragon pattern, as well as luscious leather sofas and armchairs. Gilded accents abound, among them a painstakingly carved golden mirror, which along with the collection’s lavish multicolor crystal chandeliers infuse distinctive old-world style with new-world glam.