Bel Air is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The Bel Air Neighbemrhood, that was found in 1923, has been the set for several television shows, and owns four private and two public pre-collegiate schools, as well as of the American Jewish University.



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Bel Air neighborhood with 1,207 per square mile has among the lowest population densities for the city and the county, but has the most density of wealthy people. Actually there are a lot of Expensive Homes in Los Angeles, some of them just like Trophy Homes in Bel Air.

In a new development of three spec homes Bel Air we will be able to find for example one property with a 15,000-square-foot guesthouse, another home has plans for a “Champagne room”, a chilled, glass rotunda with walls filled with bubbling liquid and a third home will have a 2,100-square-foot spa with separate steam and massage rooms.


The only thing missing in the Bel Air Neighborhood is a crowd of buyers who can afford to live in them. The 11-acre Park Bel Air is currently under construction and asking for prices that start at $115 million—and go up to $150 million with upgrades and custom furnishings.

In Los Angeles, the latest trophy homes are actually located in Bel Air and may easily top the $100 million mark. Sales at eye-popping prices have been fueled partly by wealthy international buyers who traditionally shopped for second homes in places like New York, London or Monaco, but have lately turned their sights on Los Angeles.



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