Kendrick Bangs Kellogg was the architect responsible for this amazing architectural project in the 1980s. This authentic creation stands on a 4,643-square-foot home that rises up out of the California desert like an arachnid. This is an amazing example of organic architecture and today, Los Angeles Homes is about to display some of the best features of this masterpiece.

With its 26 cast-concrete vertebrae that rise up as columns and then fan out to create a roof, this house is one of his most major masterpieces. It was commissioned by artist Bev Doolittle and her husband Jay in 1984. With interior designer John Vugrin working in conjunction with almost every single detail, it took 20 years to complete.


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This is organic architecture at its sublime and also at its most dramatic. The underlying shape is soft and rounded like a pebble, and yet, like a desert plant, the house has an overarching spikiness to it. The Californian desert is transformed by this project, that fits right in with this iconic and wild setting.


The structure is formed of 26 vertebrae that rise through the interior as vertical columns and fan out horizontally to create a roof above. Light is let in through the gaps in these spines, and there are no traditional windows. Definitely, traditional is not the word to describe this project, but yet, authenticity, out-of-the-box, and a modern style.


There is no true ceiling in the house. The concrete pillars come together like two hands about to hold. Between the fingers are almost-invisible windows, as seen here in the master suite. This inside of this architectural project sits on a Modern Mid-Century décor, that fits perfectly with the outside appearance of this masterpiece.


This is far from living in a museum, though. It is a living, breathing home that continuously unlocks awe from its new owners. the prestigious architect, Kendrick Bangs Kellogg was able to bring a brand new project, that is by far, the most astonishing home you’ll ever see!


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