Madeline Stuart is an AD100 and Elle Decor A-List interior and architectural designer whose work has been featured in numerous publications. In 1998, Stuart launched her own custom furniture, lighting, and accessories line, available at showrooms across the country. Los Angeles Homes is about to unveil the first book from the prestigious Hollywood-based interior designer Madeline Stuart, whose elegant decorating is predicated on timeless design, be it modernist or traditional in inspiration!


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Meet Madeline Stuart, one of the main pillars of the Los Angeles interior design industry. With an incredible list of famous and Hollywood A-Listers, she has decorated the sophisticated homes of many celebrities. She’s one of the best top interior designers in the Los Angeles area, and her incredible projects, as well as her furniture line perfectly demonstrate that same fact.


The power behind this interior designer sits on her ability to transform any home, in any style the client requires, along with their vision. From a Mid-Century style décor to a Modern penthouse, her secret to success is that she’s able to do everything, and turn it into a masterpiece. She commits 100% and achieves the most amazing settings in every project she embraces.


In No Place Like Home, Stuart herself writes eloquently about her recent work. With insight and wit, she walks the reader through her design process, from initial vision to execution. From her meticulous renovation of Cedric Gibbons’s Streamline Moderne house to a newly built Montana ranch to a Mediterranean-inspired residence on the California coast, each project is informed by Stuart’s keen understanding of history and craftsmanship as well as her skill with scale, proportion, and balance.


These, along with her unexpected combinations of furniture and fine-art and decorative elements, resulting in richly layered interiors that feel authentic to their period and place, while remaining always relevant, modern, and beautiful.

No Place Like Home, written by Madeline Stuart, Foreword by Mayer Rus, Photographed by Trevor Tondro. This amazing trend book is already available, and Madeline Stuart is currently doing a book tour to present this amazing published book.



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