Maison Valentina Freestanding Bathtubs


Luxurious bathtubs are what we’re ultimately looking for when decorating a bathroom, where relaxation sits as the main key concept. Although it is not the ideal place for rest, as in the case of the bedroom, it also allows us to reduce stress with a relaxing bath. For that reason, Los Angeles is about to unveil 7 moodboards that highlight amazing bathtubs for every style and design trends. From mix metals to matte black finishes, these iconic bathtubs will definitely make your luxury bathroom a stylish and safe place for you.


Nowadays, the bathroom sector is giving more importance to natural-looking metals. The Mix metal trend is all about combining different metals, that would be otherwise opposing to each other, providing a unique aesthetic in your bathroom interiors. There are a couple of rules to completely pull this trend. First, you have to select a dominant metal,  then proceed to match all your finishes while also choosing a coordinating element that will bring the entire design/space together, and finally highlight a statement piece, like the KOI Bathtub. The KOI bathtub features an aged brushed brass base resembling the scales pattern of the Japanese Koi carp.