Greg Natale is a Sydney based Interior Designer and his signature is the use of bold color and patterns that create a sense of warm, layered and livable spaces.

From 1996 to 2001, Greg Natale worked for three different architectural design firms: Garth Barnett Designers, HBO+EMTB, and SJB, but in 2001, he released Greg Natale Design. His first major project was the 2002 design of the Gonano Apartment, with a decorative, repeat pattern coordinated on walls, blinds, bed linens and art.


The firm handles interior design in residential, retail and commercial spaces, and also does residential exterior design, so it can be found a lot of modern interior design for the majority of luxury homes, in Sidney or even worldwide.

Greg offers a generous and unique view into the creative process, sharing his passions, experiences, advice and the philosophy behind his richly tailored, sophisticated style.

Find in the gallery below the Best Interior Design Projects of Greg Natale.