Mid-Century continues to rule the interior design world, as well as it continues to impress and attract every interior design aficionado. There is a range of eccentric colors that perfectly illustrate this style of decor, and Pantone is obviously behind it. Standing as the trendsetters for the colors of the year, they present the most amazing selection without ever skipping a beat. With that in mind, Los Angeles Homes would like to unveil Pantone’s color trends and the best furniture associated with it, that would look magnificent in your Los Angeles Home!



In the language of color therapy, green is associated with serenity, the perfect refuge from those who want to escape the city concrete and create the perfect spring garden inside of the home. Essential Home collection with green will make take a deep breath and enjoy the sunny days. The Ellen Armchair is the perfect piece for this inspirational color!


Vibrant Yellow


Vibrant Yellow is what spring is all about, bright and cheerful like the sunny days that are anticipated, with a warm undertone that keeps it from looking highlighter bright. This color is perfect for upholstery pieces, like a chair or a sofa, thanks to its warm yet fresh appearance. The Ellen Dining Chair would be marvelous to embellish a bold dining room, with the view over the hills!


Surf The Web

Blue always has an inner richness Surf the Web Blue is a bolder and more confident color that brings breezy and sophisticated at once. This is a stunning shade that can give a dramatic yet chic touch to rooms from true blue to the sky or navy variety—is one of the most versatile decorating hues. Observe the Mansfield dining chair and imagine it bringing life to your summery and hot Los Angeles party.


Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango is an orange-red hue, perfect for brightening up darker spaces or adding a fiery pop of color. Whether you draw inspiration from the changing leaves—or rich Springsunsets, orange is defiantly an undeniably cozy and earthy reference for a chic Mid-century decor. The Marie chair adds the touch of eccentricity you were looking for, to improve your home decor!


Candy Pink

Candy Pink, often regarded as precious and girly, this color has a hard time proving itself
as a serious contender when it comes to decorating the home, but fortunately, times are changing, and this softer offspring color brings all the peace and sincerity, for the
colorful and fresh season. This feminine touch in upholstery through the Monroe armchair is everything you needed to create the perfect walk-in closet!


Biking Red

The rich and bold hue has made a strong presence in runways across fashion week, for mid-century home decor this color can evoke elegance, relaxation, and a lot of fun. Perfect for that harmony between masculine and feminine. The Romero armchair stands as a powerful presence within every room, where every you walk in you can’t miss these Mid-Century luxury pieces.