Creative projects are all around us on a worldwide level, delivering the most amazing settings, time after time. In California, there are many design firms that are able to showcase the best of eccentric and innovative design. With a chillout vibe throughout every project, as the Californian style should be, the luxury concept it’s also a constant factor that’s allied to every firm. Join Los Angeles Homes, and find out everything about these creative interior design firms!


Claudia Ashfar Design

Credits by Claudia Ashfar Design




Claudia Afshar Design is an Interior Design firm, specializing in High-End Residential, Hospitality and Specialty Commercial Interiors. With a background in London and the British countryside, she followed the footsteps of her mother, ending up to create her own design empire. Creativity, attention to detail and client personalized care are something that perfectly describes this designer!


Carly Blalock Interiors

Credits by Carly Blalock Interiors

Carly Blalock Interiors specializes in an incredible design team that thrives by reflecting the client’s vision on a 100% level. They specialize in delivering a timeless design to each setting, through the most incredible and bespoke pieces. They make sure to not follow trends, being able to create spaces that feature more than just a decorated one, but with the power of creating a sensorial experience.


Strianese + Pew

Credits by Strianese + Pew

Strianese + Pew sits on an incredible architecture and design firm that collaborates closely with great people to create dynamic, evocative interiors that are absolutely unique. They make sure they hear the client’s vision, focusing on being faithful to their taste, guiding them through every step of the creative process.


Windsor Smith Home Interior Design

Credits by Windsor Smith Home Interior Design

Windsor Smith Home Interior Design focuses on the establishment of modern-day living settings throughout every project. Author of Homefront: Design for Modern Living (Rizzoli, 2015), and creator of beautifully layered rooms sought after by leaders in the entertainment and business worlds, she builds spaces that reflect their owner’s unique vision through the classic and modern concept.



Esteban Interiors

Credits by Esteban Interiors

Esteban Interiors is a professional interior design company in Mission Hills, San Diego, California that stands out for its quality. Interested in collaborative design, they achieve the most perfect results, while maintaining a close relationship with the client. They believe that good design is timeless, and the quality of design and materials are essential.