Haus of Design HOD is a full interior design firm in Costa Mesa. It’s a quite new company but it gathers a great design team with different experiences and backgrounds. They work as a team in every project. Everyone has something different to add and make the final result unique!

This team has been doing multiple projects around California, mostly with residential and commercial projects, no matter the size and the style, they will rock!


About Haus of Desing HOD:

After being in the industry for nine years, Nicole Perrault, founder and principal, decided to challenge herself and start her own studio.

“Within six months of starting the company, we have grown from one to five amazing team members, moved into a design studio in the heart of Costa Mesa and had 17 jobs running at once. Everything was moving so quickly but there was a demand and we hit the ground running, eager and excited. ” – Nicole Perrault explains to VoyageLA.

Haus of Design

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