Your Home office stands as the ultimate space in your home where you can get some work done, without mixing it with the pleasurable moments that the other rooms throughout your home can deliver. We’re a few months in on the work mood, so when it’s time to focus, it’s great that you’re settled into the most stylish and comfortable setting ever. Thinking about all these amazing possibilities, it’s time to give you some of the best ideas, in order to embellish your amazing home office with the best lighting ever! Los Angeles Homes invites you to scroll down to find out this brand’s amazing pieces!


DelightFULL is a mid-century lighting brand, that is ready to be there for you when you return to your daily-basis, focusing on work in your home office! The Amy Table Lamp is a vintage industrial style piece that will be a perfect asset for your home office décor. This Mid-Century brand is all about ambiance, history, and moments that stay forever through lighting designs. It is a know-how culture combining the past Heritage of handwork with attention to emerging needs of the future.

The Amy Table Lamp was inspired by the one and only, Amy Winehouse, and you can definitely tell it by the shape of the shade that resembles the singer’s hairstyle, and it even has the golden ring on the side, similar to the earrings that she usually wore. The lamp is handmade in brass and aluminum, and you can customize it! The shape is adjustable, so you can redirect the light and do your tasks!


Atomic Lamp is another table design piece that we wanted to show you! The best thing is at its best price on DeligthFULL’s Floor Samples section. This lamp is in honor of all the scientific discoveries in the 21st century. An atom has both positive and negative energy, however, we think it’s impossible to have bad vibes around this beauty!

Bad vibes are exactly what you need to keep away! The Atomic Table Lamp is, also, handmade by talented Portuguese artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these masterpieces, in order to continue elevating design and craftsmanship!

Last, but not least, we have Diana Table Lamp, and we can say that it is definitely the perfect study table lamp due to ist adjustable shade! Perfect to place it in a vintage industrial style home office. Embrace a little bit of pop culture and be bold to add color to your home office!