She has four Olympic golds, been listed on Forbes’s Celebrity 100 and Power Women lists, and has a successful fashion label, Eleven. But tennis great Venus Williams is on our radar these days because of her design firm, V Starr Interiors.

Her first project was a Miami condo for Carlos Boozer. After, she completed hospitality projects around Florida, too. But now, the firm’s work is expanding outside Williams’s home state. The newly renovated Midtown Athletic Club opens in Chicago tomorrow, August 1 featuring a tennis lounge by the V Starr team. After the Wimbledon finals, Williams squeezed in a conversational rally with us.


Venus Williams

Venus interest in Interior Design come from her mothers education, that always pushed her to explore her creative side. In 1999, Venus enrolled in fashion school and even if she was drawing all types of design, Interiors have always been her favorite one.

She find inspiration in all the places she visits. “tennis and design have similar challenges. Things move rapidly and you need to think on your feet, whether working with a new client or facing a new opponent on the court”

Venus Williams

For Williams, the highlights of her spaces at the Midtown Athletic Club and Hotel at Midtown are the tennis lounge, where there are beautiful diagonal lines and striking shades of green and blue that together create energy. The V Suite is more relaxed. The pure white bedroom is like sleeping on a cloud!

Venus Williams

We also found some curiosities about the athlete and interior designer. Let’s check!

Her favorite paint color is from Benjamin Moore and calls Twilight Zone 2127-10. For Williams it can be both elegant and sultry.

Her sister Serena is an artist, she paints oversize abstracts that are very color-focused. One of the artwork hangs in V Starr conference room. In her home, Venus have a Henry Taylor piece.

Her only collection is for Olympic gold medals. Los Angeles Homes believes its the best collection ever.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams

Regarding upcoming projects, the athlete reveals residential projects in Austin and Florida – the Waterstone Resort & Marina Boca Raton. And two projects in New York, one a residential building in Harlem, of which a percentage of the units will be affordable housing.


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