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Kylie Jenner is a major celebrity that is a worldwide phenomenon, due to her participation in the successful show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The world knows the Kardashian clan thanks to their exquisite tastes in fashion, music and luxurious homes. Kylie Jenner has recently welcomed her first child with Travis Scott, her baby daughter Stormi Webster. Today, Los Angeles Homes is about to show you some of the most luxurious furniture choices she made for Stormi’s room.


Credits: @dashkidscloset

Stormi Webster’s bedroom is definitely worthy of a Hollywood star, and the furniture perfectly displays that same fact. Circu has always been an internationally recognized brand, but lately, it has been attracting through A-list fans. After Marjory Harvey, Steve Harvey’s renown wife and Instagram influencer, it was Kardashian’s turn to get inspired by their magical designs. In this mood board created by the Instagram account @dashkidscloset, we can see the elephant stool peeking next to a sideboard containing Stormi’s baby things and to a white armchair.


Credits: @dashkidscloset

Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s and Travis Scott’s little girl has not only one but two Animal Stools in her whimsical bedroom. The Stools in question are the Bird and the Elephant Stool, two soft-colored settees that bring extra fantasy to the bedroom’s decor. If it looks good on Stormi’s bedroom, who’s to say it wouldn’t look good on your kid’s one?


About the Animal Stools


The Animal Stools collection owns an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. With that in mind, these items are the perfect choice to furnish your kid’s bedroom.


On this one, the Bird Stool is placed in the room’s play area. The stool’s versatility makes it very easy to give it more than one purpose in the room, and it is easy to transport from one side to another.




When it comes to children’s interiors, these stools introduce a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young. This stools series allows parents to choose the animal their kids like the most, being possible to choose from bird, shark, and elephant. As you can see, Stormi Webster’s bedroom is royal worthy, and we couldn’t expect otherwise from Kylie Jenner!


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