LACMA Get Approval For Its Renovation By Peter Zumthor




LACMA Get Approval For Its Renovation By Peter Zumthor

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has finally been approved for a brand new renovation by very well known Pete Zumthor. These exciting news have been all over the place, and the proposition for this new building is beyond amazing. Within, there are different proposals that illustrate a smaller building, with reduced height.


This proposal to change the LACMA building, focus on the curtail of the environmental impact of this museum, but the concept of the building’s aesthetic stays as it was before. Last month, this project was finally approved, so there’s an official green light, to start the construction for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


This new LACMA building will contain seven semi-transparent concrete and glass pavilions, that will host an organically shape and transparent main exhibition level, that show a façade with floor-to-ceiling glass. It also contains a new outdoor area, with landscape plazas, educational spaces, sculpture grandes and many more incredible elements.


It was the Los Angeles county board of supervisors that gave the approval for this new renovation, in the project’s final environmental impact report. The official construction will take place in 2019, and the estimated closure on the project should be in 2023. This renovation will be completely worth it, to display an amazing and improved project, that fits the purpose in the demonstration of art.


LACMA Get Approval For Its Renovation By Peter Zumthor

Located on the Pacific Rim, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western United States, with a collection of nearly 140,000 pieces. It exhibits and presents works of art from incredible and prestigious artists. This renovation is deserved, in order to preserve and improve the LACMA‘s functionality.


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