Las Vegas Market happens twice a year and is, as said by the organization, the most Comprehensive Furniture and Home Decor in the United States.

From 2 to 6 of August Las Vegas received the best of luxury interior design field and of course, the Best Interior Designers had all the interest to be present at this major even in the western.



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Twice a year, thousands of retailers and designers come to Las Vegas Market to see what’s new, what’s hot, and to get ahead of trends for the coming season.

The first edition of Las Vegas Market was on the Summer of 2005 and since then Las Vegas Market has become on of the most Comprehensive Furniture and Home Decor in the Western United States.



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This year Las Vegas Market presented more that 2,200 luxury Interior Designers hot tips to improve home furnishings projects in a total of 5 million square-foot.

The Best Interior Designers of the US and overseas were presented to present some hot novelties for the most trendy design lovers.

Some of the highlighted brands were, for example: Las Vegas Luxury BedsChristopher GuyHoward ElliottAuskin and Argo Furniture.



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Los Angeles Homes wanted to bring the best that was presented at Las Vegas Market, a truly highlight on the Western United States.