The Broad Museum’s Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibition, the first show to focus specifically on the Japanese artist’s glittering mirrored rooms and their origins, opens its doors to the public on Saturday, October 21.


If you were one of the lucky tens of thousands to snag a ticket via the museum’s virtual waiting room, (A) bravo, (B) how much will you sell ’em for? (KIDDING) ((not kidding at all)), and (C) get excited. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at what you’re in for, from Kusama’s mesmerizing Infinity Net paintings to her tuber-covered sculptures to, of course, her dazzling chambers filled with LED lights or polka dotted pumpkins (a heads up for the social media set: there are no photographs allowed in that particular room—the artist has requested the pumpkins stay private). And for those who didn’t land tickets, there’s still hope. Like the Pantages and its Hamilton ticket lottery, the museum is releasing a number of standby tickets every day ($30) to patient hopefuls.

A word to the wise: Visitors get 30 seconds inside of each Yayoi Kusama room. Snap your selfie (obviously), but be sure to savor some phone-free moments—each installation is breathtaking in its own right when it isn’t viewed through a screen. Whenever you’re set to go, here’s what to expect from your visit:

1. Dots Obsession – Love Transformed Into Dots

First Look from the Yayoi Kusama Exhibition: Infinity Mirrors

2. Dots Obsession spills out into the lobby of the Broad

First Look from the Yayoi Kusama Exhibition: Infinity Mirrors

3. Inside one of the dots

4. Accumulation, a sculpture covered in Kusama’s trademark tubers

First Look from the Yayoi Kusama Exhibition: Infinity Mirrors

5. Walking on the Sea of Death

6. Infiniti Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field

First Look from the Yayoi Kusama Exhibition: Infinity Mirrors

7. Infinity Mirrored Room – Love Forever

8. Yayoi Kusama photographed in one of her installations

9. Dots Obsession

10. Infinity Mirrored Room – Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity

11. Life (Repetitive Vision) 

12. Selections from Kusama’s My Eternal Soul collection of paintings

13. The Obliteration Room, which will eventually be fully covered in colorful dots 

14. Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of A Million Light Years Away 


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