On the ruling hills and mountains above Santa Monica hides a secret getaway treasure. The Malibu Rocky Oak Estate is a small jewel on the crown of the Californian mountaintops which in itself hides an even more precious prize for the worthy ones that dare to reach this delightful corner of world.


It is an estate where many different types of wine are produced, the vines climb up the hills of volcanic soil, all the way up to the estate, chasing after the rays of sun that will make the grapes mature in time for the harvest.

RockyEstate1 The estate is built in the style of a Tuscan Villa, and hosts many types of events aside from those related to the production of wine. Weddings, private parties and much more can take place in this property that was founded in 2003, and has 10 planted acres of land all around it.



Aside from the amazing production of wines, among which the Malibu Rocky Oak Estate offers Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and many more, the visitor is also pampered by the great accommodations, facilities and beauty of the landscape.



This Malibu estate is valued $49 million, serves up award-winning wines, offers 360-degree ocean views and a helicopter landing site for the most demanding customers. Furthermore it organizes special events and offers concierge services, with many impressive features such as a ride in a 1955 Lincoln Capri convertible, that apparently belonged to Marilyn Monroe.


The Malibu Rocky Oak Estate is the perfect location for a Californian getaway filled with special care, details and luxury. It comes highly recommended!