Many people dream about to live in an opulent and luxury home. So Los Angeles Homes selected some stylish and pricy mansions for sale for you to discover.

There’s something very alluring about the idea of living in a large, stately home with an expansive gourmet kitchen, a formal dining room with seating for 30, a bedroom with a theme for every taste, and an elegant  living room with enough space to easily host the social event of the year.   And why not?

For many people, the ultimate measure of success isn’t in dollars, it’s in square feet. So, fro those the budget is a little bit higher.

Some of the largest homes in the United States can be found in Southern California in Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles, with its swanky neighborhoods and gated mansions, has always been an expensive place to buy real estate.

Some Los Angeles houses, however, are in a league of their own, we came up a list of the most expensive mansions for sale in LA county. We also looked at listings from The Agency, Hilton & Hyland, Joe Babajian, Sotheby’s International Realty, and Christie’s International Realty to compile this list.

In addition to the desirable zip code, millions of dollars in Los Angeles will buy you a pool and other outdoor amenities, a nice plot of land and beautiful surrounding views.

$37,500,000 – 2571 Wallingford Drive, Beverly Hills


$27,500,000 – 1740 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles


$13,450,000 – 12055 Summit Circle, Beverly Hills

mansions for sale

$8,995,000 – 2670 Bowmont Drive, Beverly Hills

mansions for sale in beverly hills


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$6,499,000 – 15105 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles

mansions for sale

Los Angeles Times wanted to bring your the latest trends on mansions for sales in the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

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