What would you do if on your wedding day the band playing turned out to be one of the most famous bands of the contemporary music scenario? What if they crashed your big day and surprised you and your guests by playing their latest hit? What if your surprised face was filmed and used in their new single’s video? If that were the case, you would feel like a few lucky Los Angeles newlyweds, whose wedding’s were “crashed” by Adam Levine and his companions of Maroon 5 on December 6th, 2014.


Levine and his bandmates set off early on the December morning to fulfill the ambitious goal of hitting every wedding they could find in Los Angeles and crash the celebration for a surprise performance that would be included in the music video of their last single Sugar.


The video was directed by filmmaker David Dobkin, who also directed the famous Wedding Crashers, which might have inspired the performance.



Sugar, is the latest released single by the famous American band and it premiered on January 14, 2015 on the band’s Vevo channel on YouTube.



The band arrived at the wedding venues where their team set up a stage behind white sheets, then they let the sheets fall and Levine and his companion appeared before the surprised bride, groom and their guests.



We will go back to hoping that maybe one day they will stop by out parties too!