The Fountain Boulevard private residence is a modern apartment project in Kyiv designed for a young cosmopolitan couple and is one of the latest projects by the deluxe lighting brand Delightfull. Los Angeles Homes entered this magnificent project in order to share with you the astonishing and inspiring interior design.


Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, the Fountain Boulevard private residence is a modern apartment project designed for a young cosmopolitan couple. The 85 m² modern apartment is owned by a young cosmopolitan couple that already has enjoyed living in big cities such as New York and Moscow. However, both of them were born in Kyiv and decided to buy their first common apartment at their hometown.

The Fountain Boulevard 1

The choice of the interior style for designer Yana Molodykh was not difficult; she opted for an art deco style combined with the light of the American style equally relevant in the big cities of the world. The Fountain Boulevard resembles the interior of Carrie Bradshaw and Big’s apartment, the iconic couple of the famous series “Sex and the City”.

The Fountain Boulevard 2

A key feature of the interior apartment is the large panoramic windows, due to which the whole space is flooded with a daylight. However, to give the space even more “feeling of air and freedom” Yana decided to make some changes. Kitchen, living room and dining-room were united into one unique space. As a result, the owners of the apartment received a perfect place for a leisurely breakfast with a stunning overlooking of the city.

The Fountain Boulevard 3

As the basis for the interior design, Yana selected a gray color for the walls and a geometric pattern to the floor, furniture ad wallpaper, which is typical of the Art Deco style. The design of the apartment does not seem to be a bright one, but all the shades and halftones can “play” in a very special way due to the abundance of natural light.

The Fountain Boulevard 4

“The soft shift from a darker shade of grey of the walls into a lighter shade of the cornice, ceiling and window slopes make a color composition of a living room more difficult and adds some magical glow“, says Yana Molodykh.

Glossy surfaces and mirrors create an interesting game of reflections. At the window there is a small console, which can turn into the desktop and become a work-zone. On the wall there is an ironic painting “Dancefloor” by famous Ukrainian artist Tatyana Malinovskaya, which perfectly reflects the bright character of the owner of flat, a young woman that loves and knows how to attract attention.

A midcentury floor lamp Stanley by Portuguese brand DelightFULL has become an important and essential element, which stylistically linked the entire interior. “The piece added that light American accent due to its geometric shape, and highlighted levity ambience of space, said Yana.


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Written by: Bárbara Cruz