Los Angeles Homes: Meet Shay Mitchell’s Redecorated Oasis

Living in a Mediterranean-inspired residence in Los Angeles for some time now, Shay Mitchell decided to redecorate her home to welcome her boyfriend, Matte Babel, and their daughter, Atlas.

To help with this redecoration, Shay had the help of her friend Chad Wood, “who first redefined the interiors by bleaching and resurfacing the redwood floors. ” AD.

It is great to see that Shay has a lot of pieces coming from different places she visited, estate sales and secondhand markets.

The kitchen meanwhile—the one that Mitchell discovered on Pinterest before she was in the market for her dream home—is monochromatic, with marble counters and black and white cabinets. – AD

The monochromatic scheme in the kitchen (including white-tiled walls) is echoed in its neighboring bathroom—which is decorated in black-and-white stripes. AD

One of the living spaces is light-filled, featuring reclaimed pieces (the bench, for example, was discovered in the house’s gardens). The hanging light is from Marrakech. Mitchell shares: “A chandelier would have been really expected. I wanted something different.” AD

The furnishings include a dark green velvet couch plus Moroccan touches. “I wanted it to feel soft and welcoming and warm,” she shares. “Something about velvet makes me feel cozy.” AD

After Los Angeles Homes: Meet Shay Mitchell’s Redecorated Oasis

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