Hermès the french luxury brand chose the spectacular late 18th-century Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan. It has the perfect atmosphere to release the fourth edition of “home universe” collection, Hermès en lumière.

The collection includes lighting for the first time. The installation, which took 10 days to build, occupied several rooms of the palazzo.

Hermès presented three LED lighting collections and although each was very different in form, all exhibited the brand’s DNA with finely crafted materials and frames elegantly wrapped in their signature leather.

The Lanterne d’ Hermès was designed by the French light scenographer Yann Kersalé. A modular light with a rechargeable battery, it takes its cues from sailing or old carriage lamps, and can be used indoors or out.



The brand’s collaboration with French designer Philippe Nigro continues apace in the form of the Curiosités d’Hermès, a series of three furniture pieces inspired by the “cabinets of old” and created to “bring surprise and unexpected delight”.