Neoclassical Style And Its Luxurious Décor Ideas

Neoclassic Style it’s the ultimate décor trend that gives your home the feeling of the most exquisite touch you could imagine. In order to achieve the greatest high-level of neoclassic style, there are some items that fit effortlessly within every space. Today, Los Angeles Homes shows you some of the best items to embellish your home, using this sophisticated trend.




Neoclassic Style

Neoclassical Style And Its Luxurious Décor Ideas

Neoclassic Style, it has an amazing luxurious ring to it isn’t it? It’s nothing more, nothing less than the best definition for elegance and sophistication. On the context of interior design, the concept is all about the match between traditional and modern, where the pieces are the ones that stand out in this creative process. Whites, creams and greys are selected colors to complete this kind of home décor, but nonetheless, it is possible to accentuate its contrast with some warm yellows.


Heritage Dining Table

Neoclassic Style And Its Luxurious Décor Ideas

The Heritage Dining Table is a wonderful example for the definition of the Neoclassic Style, within your home décor. It’s a magnificent masterpiece that’s inspired on the Portuguese history, where they use typical hand painted azulejo tiles. This Boca do Lobo piece also features bold lines, with alternating polished brass, bevelled mirror and azulejo strips and a tempered glass top.


Heritage Cabinet

Neoclassic Style And Its Luxurious Décor Ideas

The Heritage Cabinet it’s the the Heritage Dining Table’s sister, therefore an amazing addition to the Neoclassic Style. The cabinet features a highly coveted ensemble of hand painted tiles from Portugal’s historical journey, In the interior of this Boca do Lobo masterpiece, there’s one door and four drawers, fully lined with golden leaf.


Supernova Chandelier

Neoclassic Style And Its Luxurious Décor Ideas

The Supernova Chandelier is a wonderful piece brought to you by Boca do Lobo. Perfectly included in this Neoclassic Style, this pieces is inspired in the Supernova star, transformed into an amazing lighting design. The suspended brass particles of Supernova Chandelier will offer you a magnificent and neoclassic setting.


Veneto Mirror

Neoclassic Style And Its Luxurious Décor Ideas

This is the Veneto Mirror, presented by the luxury brand, Boca do Lobo. Inspired on venetian mirrors, the piece it’s eccentric, but also made out of traditional techniques. This accessory is an absolute gem, with a round convex mirror on top, creating the illusion of amplitude on your Neoclassic Style home.


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