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Discover a curated selection of incredible mid-century furniture pieces that are in stock so you can grab them right now and add to your home or design project without having to think twice! We’ll show you 10 of our favorites but you can take a look at this mid-century stocklist so you can choose for yourself and find your next favorite piece!



Isadora Dining Chair & Ezra Dining Table

In Stock: You NEED These 10 Mid-Century Furniture Pieces In Your Life!

If you’re looking for an artistic furniture piece to match your luxury project, then Isadora is a piece that you need for your interior design. The upholstered dining chair by the top Italian designers is characterized by a symmetrical design, embellished with brass details. The Ezra Dining Table might be one of the most unique pieces in Studiopepe’s collection for Essential Home. Inspired by the beautiful Italian architecture scenario, the modern dining table was drawn from a combination of straight curvilinear lines redefining the limits of physics.

Xenon Armchair

In Stock: You NEED These 10 Mid-Century Furniture Pieces In Your Life!

The Xenon armchairfollows the same fun inspiration then its family members and takes you back in time to the fashionable late 70s New York streets. Its softness and rounded low lounge look provides the ultimate individual comfort that you will feel like you are sitting in the clouds. This bespoke armchair by Draga & Aurel can be the perfect accent piece to your living room, bedroom or home office.

Elo Armchair & Taboo Side Table

The ELO armchairis an explosive mix of glamour and vibrance that takes you back to the late 70s. This high-end piece was designed while listening to the hard-rock and orchestral melodies of the iconic British band Electric Light Orchestra. As for Taboo Side Table, it’s a unique mid-century modern furniture design that takes you back to fashion designers’ Leigh Bowery iconic looks. The mix of clear gladd with a mettalic laquered body makes this piece stand out in the interior design, giving it a new significance and a prominent role as the protagonists of any room.

Zelda Small Armchair & Diamond Big Mirror

In Stock: You NEED These 10 Mid-Century Furniture Pieces In Your Life!

The Zelda small armchairis a reinterpretation of the classic cockpit armchair with soft and enveloping shapes. Its backrest keeps the same rounded outline for extra comfort and the body is fully upholstered in Alpaca wool for a soothing touch. A full length version of the diamond shaped mirror, Diamond Big Mirror is crafted in a polished brass structure it produces a tall sleek design, merging geometry and design in the same object.




Caprice Center & Tall Side Table

The Caprice center table is another element of this glamorous modular table family that celebrate the joie de vivre and the pleasure of indulging in some frivolity and ‘caprice’ in life. As for the Caprice side tableby Draga & Aurel, it’s an elegant furniture design that celebrates the ‘joie de vivre’ and indulgence.

Fitzgerald Modular Sofa

In Stock: You NEED These 10 Mid-Century Furniture Pieces In Your Life!

As tight-living, multifunctional and flexible spaces in our homes became more popular, the perfect modular sofa can be the true shapeshifter. Rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a cockpit structure, the new version of Studiopepe’s Fitzgerald sofa is modular in shape, color & design, providing individual comfort like no other. With the same Italian architectural inspiration, the series of sectional modules can be arranged into practically every desired shape for any space.





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